Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Week

We have been busy this entire month. Sunday, Zachary went back to Iraq and will arrive there probably on Christmas Day. Our Christmas week is busy with last minute Santa details and family coming over for food and fun. I have not had time to be creative and I am hoping right after Christmas I can use some of my scrappy goodies and capture some of our December memories on paper.
I hope you are having a wonderful HOLIDAY MONTH as our home has been super busy in activity and love. Saying "goodbye" is never easy but we have lots of wonderful memories and photos to remember Zachary's R&R with us here at home. I think it's wonderful that for the first time since 2003 Christians in Baghdad were able to purchase Christmas Trees out in the open without fear of retaliation. This is due to the work our soldiers have been doing in Iraq. There are currently about 100,000 Christians in Iraq that openly acknowledge their devotion to Christ. I hope that PEACE will come to this part of the world soon so that our soldiers can come home with a feeling that they contributed to securing a safer living economy for those in Iraq.
From Our Home to Yours,
We are wishing YOU a Wonderful and Bright Christmas Day!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Don't give HIM the camera.....


Baby, It's
COLD Outside

It's no secret that I hate my picture to be taken. But while my husband was in the car he picked up the camera and started shooting pictures through the nasty windshield. I mean really...it's FLIPPIN' cold outside and we were waiting for the Christmas parade to start...and he plays photographer. He dared me to put them on my blog...so, this is for him.
Now, back to your regularly scheduled HOLIDAY HAPPENINGS!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Seasonal Update...

Yes, I have neglected this blog lately. But I feel I have a good reason. My son is home on leave from Iraq and will be heading back on 21, December. We are in the throws of the Christmas Season and I have parties, parades, homecoming celebrations, and shopping to keep us all busy. I figure the "dust" can wait. I cannot get this time back and I am in full MOMMA MODE!
I have another blog that I keep with my "heart thoughts" about my son who is serving our country. You can check it out here Bliss of the Unknown . I hope to be able to have some creative fun this weekend if time allows. Once again, our weekend is bustling with joy and creating memories. I hope you are enjoying the Season of LOVE and Joy and make the memories that last a lifetime to reflect upon.