Monday, February 27, 2012

It is about the SCRAPS!

Feeling a bit creative today and I truly used "SCRAPS" for these two 6" x 12 Layouts.
I needed to scrap the photo of Brianna's 7th Birthday Party Table set up. 
 I have had it printed for 2 years.
Her 7th B-Day

Of course, I had to scrap a feeling as well.
Everything used was truly SCRAPS!
Just Sayin'
Yes, scrapbooking can be therapeutic.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Less of Me, already!

Now, can you see the difference?
I am the size I was the day I married Brian, today 12 years ago...
72# Loss... and counting...

Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekend Already!

The week really has just zipped on by.  
I was sick one day.  
I have worked out twice this week. 
 Lost another 1.6 pounds and scrapped a bit.

I am contemplating a 5K at the end of March.  
But as I have said, "contemplating."

To Date...72 Pounds lost! 
 This is a good thing.

Learn PHD

We had 70 degree weather yesterday and it is really a windy day today.
The temperature is cooler as the hour goes by...
I think Winter returns for us this weekend.
Have a great weekend and get out of the house and enjoy life!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Great Weekend!

Had a great weekend.  We kept looking for the snow yesterday and it never arrived. 
 The snow appeared East of us.  Oh well, I am ready for Spring anyway!
This past Saturday I was at the CROP for a CURE.  
We had a great time and I enjoyed the social event as well as scrapping some photos.
Here are just a few layouts I created.  I will share more throughout the week.
Baby Talk

The Story of Today

These are the Days

The above layouts are pretty simple.  
This seems to be my style at the moment.

Have a Great Monday!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Love Week

Yes, this has been LOVE week around our house. 
 Flowers, Candy, Cupcakes, and going to the Dentist.

149 Calorie Cupcakes that I personally baked!
 2 Dozen Multi-Colored Roses - GORGEOUS and they smell Wonderful

 My Favorite Photo of the Week!

Laughing made Bri giggle and she was great while getting a filling at the dentist.  
This is her first experience of a cavity and she did great with the entire process!

Tomorrow, I am heading to the CROP for a CURE.  
I need to get busy printing photos and packing up for the day.

Have a GREAT Weekend.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Lotus Rayne

Okay, it's official...I love this name.  So uniquely hers and it FITS!  No doubt about it.  Her family calls her Rayne and she is a LOVE!  She has the cutest smile and she is very attached to her POMM.  This is her "grandmother."  She calls her POMM.  I received the picture in a Christmas Card and I knew I would scrap it.  I was just waiting until I had a design in mind to include her name.  I love this layout.
Lotus Rayne

I am trying to scrap pictures that I have printed for this purpose and 
I think I am finally getting them completed.
Here is another "mother advise" layout to my son, Zachary.
I really enjoy scrapping in the 6" x 12" size.  It is perfect for scraps.
It's Monday and snow is to be on its way.  
The trucks are putting out salt mixture on the roads in preparation.
So, maybe I will have some snow photos tomorrow..."here's hoping."

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wow, moments!

I am having a lot of these lately, the "Wow, moments!"  You know those snippets in time that take you back years ago and even a few decades?  That is how I felt when I heard the news of Whitney Houston's death.  I remember driving my VW Bug at the University of Georgia and listening to her first album (cassette tape) on my Walk-Man (because I had only AM Radio) as I drove to whatever activity I was involved in.  I remember when she blazed onto the scene and she and Madonna were in just about every category together for a Grammy.  Today, is the Grammy's.  I will be watching because I have a new favorite, Adele.  But now, I will be watching as this news is hair raising at minimum and to hear that the blessed voice as Whitney had is no longer to be heard in person anymore.  Only by recording.  Kind of like photography for others.  That moment in time when there are AHA Moments, Hair Raising, Spine Tingling, and I think I Pee-d in my Pants Laughter Moments.  This is when going back through old photographs is so much fun.  The nostalgia can be overwhelming but the memory of that space in time, encompassing.  Too boot, there is a song that can take you back to that time as well.  For me, some of Whitney Houston's songs do this in a great big way.  Huge.  Giant. Great!

So, now that I have put my heart on a little sleeve of the day...I will leave you with a memory that was a few years ago.  I wonder how many photographers or memory keepers think to grab their camera when one of their children are simply NOT GETTING THEIR WAY?  I did.  I remember that day.  It made Brianna more angry and cry more when I took her photo.  Now, I giggle when I see the pictures and I just have to share them with you.

It's the Mom Way!

I plan on watching the Grammy's tonight.  
"And I will always love you,"  Whitney! 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine Party...

Yesterday I was busy making little gift bags for Brianna and everyone in her classroom for their Valentine Party today.  I have never figured out why "now a days" (dating myself again) schools cannot just celebrate the day of whatever special occasion it is on the day it is actually intended.  I mean they have the party at the end of the day anyway.  So, what is the difference if it is Friday or Tuesday or Thursday?  
I just know that Brianna gets excited about these little parties.  
The higher the grade she is in it seems the parties are more controlled.
Micro-managed, structured, strict guidelines, or is it just me?  
Either case, back in my day...we made Valentines and always something attached to our desk so receive our goodies and cards from classmates.  
I kept the bags simple but still put each the name of each child on a tag
and attached to their bag with their initial. 
For the teacher, I put her last name initial and her first name on the tag.  Can you pick it out?
Valentine Bags

25 Bags Total
I hope the children have a great time and enjoy the rush of sugar!
Have a Great Weekend.

What will you be doing for Valentine's Day?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Helpful Hints Appreciated...

I am at home today.  The weather outside pretty much is less than wonderful.  I am doing my best to house train our new dog, Chynna (ch-eye-nuh).She is about one year old and we adopted her from a local vet.  I know I need patience, but going from "never been soiled" carpet to accidents from our new furry animal family member is trying me greatly.  As I said, it is raining outside and I took her outside 30 minutes after  she ate her morning meal and "nothing!"  Why will she not "do her business" even when the grass is wet?

We do put her in a crate when we leave the house.  She gets to go out quite often, but she seems to enjoy soiling my art studio floor.  I hate to gate the access because she may choose another area of the house.  I really would like some pointers.  I asked a friend via Facebook and he told me to be patient and reward her with sugar cubes when she does go potty outside.  So, with this you have any pointers for me?  Is there some special trick?  I have read ideas online but I am wondering how long this process will take?  

Your attention to this little matter is greatly appreciated!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Life Crisis?

Questions.  Thoughts.  Wonder.

I will be sharing more in the weeks to come.
In the meantime, here is just the beginning in documentation.
Life Crisis

Yepper, it is TUESDAY, again and again.
Laugh today!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Close to You

I was listening to The Carpenter's when I created this layout. 
I actually scanned a color photo 
(because this was taken well before I started scrapbooking)
and augmented it until I was happy with the process.
  The original photo was not in the best of focus. 
But I love how it turned out. 

Close to You

It's Monday, again.  
Have a great week.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

This and That Chat...

Well, I am thankful that Brianna is feeling better. 
She looks a bit weak but 
I think she is working through the "ickies" as 
she is not one that complains very much when she feels badly. 
She slept most of Thursday and Friday and
I believe her body was healing from whatever bug she acquired.
University of Southern Alabama vs. Western Kentucky University

 Last evening, Brianna was an honorary "TOPPERETTE"
at WKU (Western Kentucky University)

She did really well.  The half-time show was super. 
All I can say is that Kentucky people take their basketball
very seriously like we who are from the Southeast take our football. NO DOUBT!
Did I mention that the WKU Swim Team stands for the entire game in their SPEEDO'S?
Uhhh, yeah, they do!
 They were tied at half-time when
WKU came out on top with a 75 to 66 win.

But, I still cannot find it within myself wear WKU attire.
  I still wear my UGA shirts, sweatshirts, and hats at all of the WKU games.
You can take the GIRL out of GAWGA
but not take GAWGA out of the GIRL!

Stormy warmer weather Sunday here.
Feels like early Spring.

Have a great SUNDAY!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday Fun..

So, yesterday I was in and out of my art studio due to my little girl being sick. 
So, I am scheduling this post to publish today. 
Here is the layout I created with the self-portrait. 
I am also keeping a SMASH book for each month during my lifestyle change.

Maybe one day when I am comfortable enough...I will share it as well.
I hope you are having a great weekend.  
Create because it makes you happy!

Friday, February 3, 2012

I am out of focus...

...but I am now seeing for myself, the difference.
My number this morning was great!
Photos are out of focus with "left-over" yesterday hair.  
I, however, have brushed my teeth.

Can you see the difference?  I can.
I hate taking self-portraits. 
These were taken this morning in my art room.
By the way, I am still home with a sick little one.  

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ground Hog Day!

Really and truly, I did get up and go to work. 
I have no idea if we are going to have 6 more weeks of Winter, but the weather outside seems quite nice.
I had to leave work at 9:15 AM to go pick up Bri from school.
She has a "bug" of some sort.
While she was napping,
I put this layout together with the goodies that were on my scrap table.
Clearly, I am not a "daytime" TV person.
So, Sweet 

Tomorrow is FRIDAY, yippeeeeeeeeeeeee!