Tuesday, July 31, 2012


We had a fabulous vacation at Perdido Key.  We saw family, witnessed the sun rise each morning on the beach, and I fell in love with The Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy!
Fifty Shades of Grey
Fifty Shades of Grey
I am currently reading and almost done with Fifty Shades Darker.  
This character, Christian Grey is SOMETHING ELSE, I tell ya.

Perdido Key Florida, Johnson Beach
Sharing the beach in the morning

Fifty Shades of Grey on the Beach
Did I mention?  I am addicted to this trilogy...nuff said.

Perdido Key Johnson Beach
US at the beach

Perdido Key Bay
Cousin Mike and Me on the boat

Perdido Key Boating

Gadget Girl, May!
 The above picture is my cousin-in-law, May.  She is the GADGET GIRL! 
 She loves her phone and anything that connects her to the world via the Internet.

Just a few of my favorite photos. 
 I took all of my photos this vacation with just my phone and a little point and shoot Canon.
I did not want the bulk of my Rebel.  All in all, and 540 pictures later...
I really got some great shots.
Maybe the big cameras are over rated.
What do you think?

Oh! My new number is

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Good Time!

Last Saturday night we went and listened to music at Lost River Cave.
Lost River is a really cool cave opening where "back in the day,"
 and I mean a long time ago...as in the 1930's or so...people used to come to the cave/nightclub for natural air-conditioning, cocktails, music, and dancing.
So, we joined the ghosts of the spirits in the cave and listened to several bands.
Had a few cocktails and lots of smiling.
Most importantly, the event was to raise funding to build an outdoor classroom for natural sciences for children in our area and those who visit the cave.
Again, it was a "cool" good time.
Opening of the cave with additional seating

Lost River Cave
Main event area in cave.  Old Nightclub.

Nightclub Bar

Nightclub Event Area

Band Area/Nightclub Event Area


A Cool 57 Degrees inside the cave

If I remember correctly, Black Cat Cadillac Band-  They were awesome!

Center of the nightclub-chandelier

Fog coming in off the river as dusk begins
So, yes...this was a fun night and I hope it becomes an annual event.

So, there you go...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

CELEBRATING LIFE, the half-century mark!

I have lots going on this week.  I know I have also promised some pictures from the cave as well.
I will post those later.
But today, I met with Maru and girlfriends to celebrate her 50th Birthday at Olde Stone Country Club!
Who says, we cannot still party?  
We just do it at NOON instead of 11 PM!
The Birthday Girl, Maru!

The Birthday Party Gals

Smile, Smile, & Smile again

Who says we can't party!

Great lunch, great conversation, & CELEBRATING LIFE!

YEPPER, this is how we roll on Tuesday.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Using up the Scraps...

I love using scraps I have on my table to create 6" x 12" Layouts.  I love to mingle them within my scrapbooks because it adds a special dimension to my books when looking through them.  This size is perfect for the not so great shot or so many photos of one event and you want to just scrap because you simply love it.  This size challenges me to use a smaller space more creatively.

Scrapbooking Design
3rd Grade


Arriva Home!

July 3, 2012
I dare not throw anything away that is on my desk.  So, one way to make sure it gets used is to continue to scrap in this fabulous size.  My table gets cleaned really fast and I use up my stash.  

Rainy weekend here and tonight we are off to a concert in a cave.
Tell you all about it tomorrow!


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Capsaicin & Vinegar makes a NEW NUMBER!

Yes, it is true!
I believe one reason for my continued weight-loss is my complete and utter addiction to "My Recipe" that I do not go one day without at least 3 servings.
These ingredients are a must have in abundance in our home.
I crave them.
I purchase them ALL FRESH from our local farmer's market.
I make it in a pico fashion and it goes with white or red meat.
One way I enjoy it is to add crab meat and eat as a salad.
Red Onion-Diced

Cilantro-Finely Chopped


Jalapeno Peppers-Diced

Vine Tomatoes-Diced

SEA Salt to taste

Vinegar- as a dressing
 These ingredients make my taste buds ROCK!
They also help melt away pounds.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Paper Creations...

I created two layouts and then I really thought I should get started on cards for Brianna.  I am in the process of making her care package and cards for her to open daily at camp.

I have included them here.
Trust me that everything is straight.  
I was simply impatient with taking the photos yesterday morning.
However, you will get the idea.  Remember you can click on the layout/card to view closer.
**included with the cards are the designs of the envelopes*
Silhouette America Cameo-Kimberly Archer Scrapbook Design
All In A Days Work- ZK

Scrapbook Card Design by Kimberly Archer

Scrapbook Card Design by Kimberly Archer

Scrapbooking Card Design by Kimberly Archer
HEY Bri- Card

Scrapbooking Card Design by Kimberly Archer

Scrapbook Page Design by Kimberly Archer
Mother Report

Currently trying to make up my mind whether to head to the pool or stay in for the day.
The sun seems to be HIT and MISS this morning.
Cooler temperatures.

I have enjoyed playing with paper for the past few days.  
Time tells all stories.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Simply enjoying my June 2012 scrapbooking kit from Studio Calico.  

I really enjoyed this kit.

Scrapbook Page design by Kimberly Archer

Scrapbook page design by Kimberly Archer

Scrapbook Design by Kimberly Archer

Scrapbook page design by Kimberly Archer
The layout below is not from the kit.  However it does showcase some of Studio Calico's products.  
Patterned paper and Wood Veneer.  I love the veneer products greatly!
Scrapbook page design by Kimberly Archer
I have been to the farmer's market this morning and 
I believe I am going to break into my July Studio Calico Kit called Elmwood Park.

So, one could say..."I am getting my SCRAP ON!"

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Self-Portraits...embracing the lens.

You know what happens when one loses a great deal of weight?  The camera is a new friend.  Well, at least for me anyway.  I enjoy seeing the changes on a monthly basis and I am now incorporated in my memory keeping as "part" of the story rather than just the "storyteller."  We as storytelling scrappers hardly embrace ourselves within our photography.  But for me, this is going to change.  I know this because when searching for pictures of my mother...they were few and far between.  Not many exist and it is rather sad really.  So, I plan on changing this for my family and my storytelling.  I am important, too.

Embrace the lens.  A giggle is good, too.

Robin and I at Bob Trauger's Retirement Party

Carla and I at Bob Trauger's Retirement Party

Brian and I at Bob Trauger's Retirement Party

Brianna and I in the car headed home after swimming all morning

Me...after a weigh in

Brian and I at the Hot Rods Game



Brianna and I right before her performance at the Phoenix Theatre

In the car in my Orange Crush shirt...No, I am not mad-just did not smile

Brianna and I in our Fourth of July attire (shirts)  No MAKE UP DAY!
So, you see?  It is not selfish or egotistical to take self-portraits.  
It simply makes one part of the memory and the story.  It says,  "I WAS HERE, TOO!"
They do not have to be perfect or always in focus.  They do not always have to have you looking your best.
They simply are proof that you had just as much part of the memory as everyone else that was there.
So, go ahead...SNAPSHOT yourself into the memory, too!