Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Creative Play

I took some time for myself on Memorial Day and just played with some paper.
6" x 12"- Appalachian Night

Let Me Sleep

6" x 12"  Oh My Heart

6" x 12" Oh That Hat!

6" x 12"  The Story of US

Tea For One
I have a new NUMBER as WELL!
216 Pounds!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day...I remember, too as an Army Brat

Throughout the past years I have shared many Memorial Day memories of those within my family that have served/died/continue to serve and retired as military.  So, today...this Memorial Day...I am just going to share a tidbit of a memory of an Army Brat during a time within our nation where "CONFLICT and WAR" were synonymous to those fighting and "we" who loved those who fought for democracy.

Vietnam Era:
Pages from my mother's Okinawa, Japan photo album.
My step-father served during the Vietnam time and this is a photo of his locker while he was on tour.
Pictures of my youngest brother Matthew and step-brother Phillip are proudly displayed.  Cir. 1970.
SSG Sylvester Buddy Ellis-locker 

While my step-father was stationed in Okinawa- we came shortly thereafter and lived on the economy waiting for housing on base.  We lived on Mashinato and my father worked at Naha.
The picture below is me riding a horse.  An Okinawan man used to come by in the late afternoons and for $0.10 cents one could get an escorted ride on his horse.  I loved it.
May 1971-Okinawa, Japan
Shortly after this picture was taken, we finally moved on base and the below picture is with our maid Toshiko and my little brother Matthew.
I still have this kimono.
June 1971- Kimberly, Matthew, & Toshiko- Okinawa, Japan
My first day of school in Okinawa, Japan.  Going into first grade and we had to walk or ride our bikes to school.  I remember this day very well.  This picture was in front of our home.  I remember no air conditioning and lizards everywhere.  They were supposed to be good luck.  We lived at the base of Haboo/Habu Hill.
September 1971- Kimberly- Okinawa, Japan-First Day of First Grade

I would not change a thing in my life about being an Army Brat.  I had an education that only many dare to dream of having.  Growing up in the military may be tough but in the long run...we military brats can handle a great deal more than the "average kid" that grew up on the same street most of their lives.

So, I say "THANK YOU DAD" for taking us around the world with you...when you could.

Today, I remember...I remember well.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

I no longer have a mother or grandmother to spoil on Mother's Day, but this year...
I was spoiled all weekend long.  
To begin with, 
Brian took me out to eat Friday night at a new place in town call ON THE BONE Chop House!
We had a wonderful appetizer with cocktails followed by pork and steak.  I had the ribeye and it was simply wonderful.  The potato was amazing.  It was light and airy and had a very delicate taste.  The steak was cooked perfectly and very tender.    I really enjoyed the homemade dressing as well with my very fresh  salad.  Portions are generous and we were more than satisfied.
 Yepper, we took home left overs, too!

View from the patio dining area.

Grilled Prawns and a homemade garlic cream cheese butter.  TO DIE FOR!

We will be back for sure.  The patio dining area was very nice and the evening was perfect and very little humidity which made the evening a little crisp and reminded us that summer is just around the corner.
Our server, "Cat" was delightful young lady and treated us as royalty.  We will be back.

Saturday was time spent at the local farmer's market gathering wonderful goodies to go with our "meat" filled meals for the week. 
 We also groomed our yards in time for a good soaking rain
 which began overnight.  
Homemade EVERYTHING ORGANIC from the Farmer's Market Pico De' Gallo

My Mother's Day morning with Brianna who showered me with gifts and homemade cards.

Kaleb and I at the Nashville Airport waiting on Zachary to land from Denver, Colorado.

Zachary and Kaleb waiting on the luggage to hit the baggage claim #5.  BROTHERS

MOM (me) and my first born, Zachary!  A fabulous Mother's Day!
 Zachary got off the plane carrying a dozen sterling roses that are out of this world gorgeous.
His flight arrived and we finally embraced at 11:30 PM EST on Mother's Day.

Yes, this was the most perfect MOTHER'S DAY EVER!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Super Moon...

Indeed, we clearly were not in the greatest spot to truly enjoy 
the moon and its wonderful glory Saturday night.  It did not look any larger than some of the magnificent harvest moons that appeared to be larger to the naked eye than what I witnessed Saturday night.  
I needed a SUPER POWERED lens to really get a picture that was worth telling about.  
So, this is what is the best shot out of the 10 or so I took.  This is the only one I kept.
Super Moon
In other news...
Here are a few other layouts I created today 
with inspiration from the NSD Challenges over at Studio Calico.

Breakfast- Letter Stamps inspired by NSD Challenge Nicole S., Geralyn & Kinsey

"One Sale"- Multiple Photos inspired by NSD Challenge Susan & Jenn
Oh yeah, my new number

Monday, May 7, 2012

Picture This...

Hot, humid, roar of the crowd as a home run is hit, and in the background...barking!
Yes, we went to the Bark in the Park at the Hot Rods game at the ball park yesterday.
We had a great time.  Did I mention, HUMID?
Yes, it was!  But overall we saw so many beautiful and well mannered dogs.
Brianna and Chynna right before entering the ball park

Brian and his safari hat.  He loves his hat.

Hot and Humid.  But we were lucky to be in the shade and a breeze blowing.

Yes, she can make him speak in "baby talk."

My Brianna is really growing up!


Chynna had her own seat!  She kept watching the baseball being thrown.

After the 7th Inning Stretch.  We decided to head on home.
For the record, the game started off really well with the Hot Rods and a Home Run Hit...but we were down 5 to 2 at the bottom of the 7th.  It was hot and humid and we decided to head on home.
It was a great day at the park and interesting with all of the dogs in attendance.

Just a great "family day."

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Show & Tell...

Today, we are off to the ball park as Chynna (our dog) won us tickets to the Hot Rods "Bark in the Park" day.
She will be going with us and I will be taking pictures.

In the meantime, I am going to SHOW & TELL you about my layouts
 I created yesterday during the National Scrapbooking Day. 
 I wanted to scrap much more but I needed to do other things.  So, here you go.

Hello- Inspired by a sketch of Kelly Purkey

Joining In - inspired by a confetti challenge

Kiss - inspired by a graphic challenge

Still Me - inspired by a triangle challenge

You, Me, Us - inspired by a graphic challenge
I joined in with Studio Calico's Design Team for challenges on their NSD 2012.
All of the layouts above were created with Studio Calico's 35MM May 2012 Kit.

So, this what I created.  Thanks for looking and have a grand Sunday!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

NSD, Sloppy Derby, Cinco De' Mayo, and Change of Plans

Run for the Roses
Due to flight issues:  Zachary will not be here today from Colorado.
It will be the same flight # for next Saturday.  At least he will be here for Mother's Day.
Happy Cinco De' Mayo

Stormy today.  I have plants to put out in my flower beds but it seems they will have to wait.
So, I have been online looking at National Scrapbooking Day challenges. 
I have found a few and plan to be inspired with a few challenges and scrap.
So, without further ado...

Friday, May 4, 2012

MAY the Fourth be with YOU!

Okay, so I could not resist that title today!
This weekend is busy for us...
National Scrapbooking Day - tomorrow
The Kentucky Derby - tomorrow
Picking up my son at the airport from Colorado - tomorrow
Cinco De' Mayo - tomorrow (we will eat/celebrate in Nashville when we pick Zachary up)

But I thought I would share what I did this morning with my Studio Calico Kit.
This May Kit could possibly be one of my all time favorites!

Officially Spring
Perfect for a few of my Instagram Photos.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Creative Time, Photos, & Documentation

I have been in my studio a bit this week preparing it for my son, Zachary who will be here from Colorado on Saturday.  Carpet is cleaned and the bed linens on the double bed cleaned and of course...the big screen TV set up in the corner for his pleasure while here.  I told him he would have to share "MY" space.  He said, "Cool, I love your studio."  Yeah, we shall see if he enjoys it when I am in it at 7:00 AM.  I may wait until 8:00 AM.  My stereo, desktop, cameras, and all of my creative goodies are in this room.  
It will be great to have him home again.

Easter 2012
 This layout which is a 6" x 12" layout, has one of my new favorite pictures of Kaleb and I.  

Movie Date
The above layout photo was taken in our car after going to see Titanic in 3-D on the 100th Anniversary of its sinking.  As you can see, Brian and I were trying to document a date for my journal.  But Brianna was a bit jealous and kept trying to get into the photo.  We just chuckled.  We take her everywhere we go.

This photo I have printed and framed.
I think Brianna feels better now.
Still, I just cannot keep from giggling.

She is truly a "Daddy's Girl!"

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Heritage, Retro, & Looking Back...

So they say, anything 20 years old or older is considered antique, heritage, or even "retro" as it may be referred to now.  I have been thinking a bit about the 1970's and early 1980's and found a few things I wanted to jot down here in my blog.  Sharing, so to speak.
Karen Duffy- My best-friend from my youth.

Above is pictured my best-friend from Heilbronn, Germany circa 1978.  We were in Jr. High School.  We attended J.F.K Jr. High School at Wharton Barracks.  I lived in upper housing and she lived in lower housing.  We became extremely close and we were quite the pair.  Karen had Bay City Rollers Posters all over her room.  She even had jeans with plaid at the bottom.  She was cool.  She and I, were cool.  We were part of the "in" crowd.  But she and I had a special bond.  She had to leave abruptly from Wharton Barracks and go back to the States.  She was from Washington.  Her step-father killed himself at the motor pool.  It rocked our little "Cold War Military Community."  She used to send me care packages once she went back to the States.

Wharton Barracks-Heilbronn, Germany Patriots Softball Team 1977
 Karen and I played lots of softball with the D.Y.A.  We were an excellent team to only be matched by 
Patch Barracks in the Stuttgart Area.  We were huge rivals.

Wharton Barracks closed down and the community and housing is now occupied by its true residents. 
 The people of Heilbronn, Germany.

As an Army-Brat, she was the closest thing to having roots, 
a bond, that special once in a lifetime friendship.
I have not been able to find her. 

Me (in the white shirt) and my cousin, Deborah- Fall 1980
This is when I returned to the States.  Charleston, S.C.  My parents sent me back to the States on a MAC Flight.  My parents had that kind of pull in the military.  I was sent back to go to high school.  I had started at Stuttgart American High School and waited for my permission to fly back on a MAC flight with the troops to attend school back in Georgia.  My parents were not pleased with the school and the fact I had to ride a double-decker bus to and from school for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening.
This was just not acceptable to them.  So, while the rest of my family was back in Germany...I was heading to Georgia and live with my grandmother to attend a new high school until my parents arrival and retirement from the US Army in the Spring of 1981.

Amazing that these photos seem just a few years ago.  Okay, more than a few but I see how curly my hair was then.  I remember having to iron it out when I would get dressed up.  I remember the impression that these years had on me.  On my flight back from Germany, the soldier that sat to the right of me said to me, "You will be in the States but your heart and soul will be in Heilbronn."  I thought he meant that statement because my parents and brother were in Germany and I was headed stateside.  But in actuality, it was the "Wonder Years."  The coming of age.  Yes, sometimes my heart is back that that place and with those people if only in my memories.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day!

Can you believe it is May already? 
 We awoke this morning to a massive electrical storm and pounding rain.

Yesterday I threw together a few layouts.

Luck of the Irish

Drive (6" x 12")

Rock the Braces Chicka (6" x 12")

 I had simply forgotten how much fun using my grommet tool can be.
I need to seek out more grommets! 
 I hope they are still available.

MY NUMBER for today is 222