Saturday, July 31, 2010

If YOU really knew ME...

If you really knew me...
You would know that this

"needle" helps me deliver medication in order for me to cope
with sugars from food that my body cannot process properly.
If you knew me, you would know that everything I choose to eat weighs heavily on my mind.
If you knew me, you would know that Diabetes is hereditary in my family.
If you knew me, you would know that I have had several members of my family
die from the complications of Diabetes. 
If you knew me, you would know that I live with this fact...daily.
It can be daunting.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Inspiration takes me back to some old photos.  A cup of coffee and a morning jaunt on the computer for inspiration also drives me today to get my fanny in my art room and clean it up.  I for the life of me cannot create in the chaos.  It is really OUT OF, with this soothing SUMMER photo...I will leave you with a Summer thought.....................

Do NOT let your PAINT DRY on your palette.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Photography Trends and CHA

Yes, it opened just a bit ago.  CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) Convention!  Are you there?

Just surfing around this morning while my laundry is churning and I was delighted to see that "overexposed" photography is now considered "OUT!"  In my day, this kind of photography was not a consideration for a comment of "well done."  In my day, we also used chemicals to process our film, too.

I was just really excited to see that professional photographers all around the world do not care for this type of photography and sees it as always, a "FAD."  One blog read, "the overexposed photo fad stemmed from Calvin Klein's Advertisement back in Spring of 2009."  WHEW!  What a relief.  I thought this was going to be the "new" formula for consideration of, "perfect picture."

Photos of Overexposed Fashion Ads (Via: calvinkleininc, homotography.blogspot)

Well, "fads" are for inspiring and not longevity.  They are not for what will remain but they are for what will become.  I am so happy about this.  I love candid-real photos.  Not photo shopped, cropped, or bamboozled in some way to make a shot look different than it truly is.  I think this is why many people love "heritage photos."  But truly, did we really think that "overexposed photos" were really good?

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Temperature is INSANE!

It is so flippin' HOT!

The electric bill is up over $100.00!  OUCH...
So, this morning I call the electric company to pay our enormous bill (at least for us)
and here is what she told me.
Bowling Green has been keeping/tracking/recording temperatures since the late 1800,s.
This summer is the 6th HOTTEST Summer on record.
Then she proceeds to tell me this is the HOTTEST summer since 1980!
She actually said that our bill was below average.  That most everyone had a $150.00 +
up charge from the previous month.  HOLY MOLY!  
Looks like there is no relief in sight either.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Classic Art Inspirations

In my studio today.
Inspired by these...Art By Chris

Porte St. Denis,
8 x 11 inches, gouache,
by E.G Laloue.

I am seeing a pattern. Do you?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Journal it...

Housed in a ZIP LOCKED Bag...
I have kept a journal of our camping trips since 2003.

It really is fun to read through the journal on camping trips while sitting around the fire in the evenings. We document the silly as well as our adventures.
Most importantly, it documents that I remain the "Queen" of the Domino Tournaments we have each and every camping trip!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


We arrived at the campsite early morning to set up and get used to our surroundings. Went on a few nature walks and had our traditional first meal at camp, HOBO Dinners. we also started our traditional Domino Tournament in which I still remain "THE QUEEN!"

Overall, I took almost 400 pictures and just made composites to view here on my blog.

Day One
Day Two

We awoke to lots of rain that subsided by early afternoon. This is the day we took our tours of the cave and also had breakfast at the restaurant. Considering it was literally a flood in the campgrounds, it was perfect to get dry and enjoy a good meal to the start of our busy day ahead.
By the way, our tent was dry but almost everyone in the campground was hanging their gear all over. We were very lucky.

Day Three

More hiking on this day. Soaking in the local history and stories of the Sand Cave and the historical death of Floyd Collins that died in the cave. In the year 1925, over 10,000 people came from all over to "picnic" and wait out while a man was under a pile of rock. It was known as, "Carnival Sunday." It is rather a sad story as he ended up dying. Hard to believe this was considered a form of entertainment. I guess it is not much different today, we all see "rubberneckers" on the highways each and every day when tragedy hits.
Here is a bit of history of Floyd Collins.
(click the above and read the story)

Day Four

On this day we walked down to the original mouth of the cave. It was pretty cool to feel the breeze (natural air conditioner) coming from the cave as we hiked down. You could feel it coming from the rock around our feet before reaching the mouth. It was 55 degrees and with a heat index of over 100 degrees outside...the mix was truly refreshing. In the late afternoon we took a short drive and went swimming. We did not have swim suites with us but our shorts and shirts were just fine. The water was very warm. But it kept us cool until late afternoon when we would conclude our trip with our traditional steak and baked potato dinner over the open fire.

1. Exciting
2. Fun
3. Historical
4. Hot
5. Humid
6. Roasting Marshmallows
7. Swimming
8. Cave exploration as a family
9. Hiking
10. Great Food

I also keep a journal of our family camping trips. I always take it with us. It is fun to read at night around the campfire of our previous camping trips. Although, our entourage is smaller now. Our memories continue to grow and they are as big and fresh in our memories as the day and moments we lived them. I recommend keeping a journal of these kinds of family activities. It really is quite the entertainment around the campfire to read aloud.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kentucky Camping this week...

In the morning we are headed here...

5 Days and 4 nights of camping. No electricity and cooking outside. This is one of my most favorite things to do. We are not CONDO campers. We love our tents. The older I get the more I am thinking we need to buy a POP UP! Okay, do not laugh. We love to rough it. We love the hiking and plan on taking several cave tours. We are excited.
When we return, I will share our experience and maybe a photo or two.

Have a great week and stay cool!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Run On Sentences...

Have you ever come across a blog that has run on sentences, improper grammar usage, and incorrect writing all around? I have. Sometimes it bugs me and then I remember that most people write the way they speak. I think this is how I am really. Sometimes a word is inadvertently spelled incorrect or I have dropped a quotation and the very worst, no punctuation to know if it is indeed a statement or exclamation.

I love to read blogs where people are telling a story or their thoughts in that moment. A reflection of a memory or a list where they are sharing bits and pieces about their life. In this day and time the medium of the Internet is astounding in all of its creativity finds, word lovers, and people who just feel like they have something to say. "A rant" if you will.

Stepping outside the artistic world and reading blogs of people I have no connection or common interest is stimulating. It can also be scary as well. I have read some really weird publications on the Internet. I believe it is a type of freedom that is universal to "share" their story or simply believe they are being, "heard." Especially when they might not have anyone they can physically touch "listen" to them.

I love reading blogs because in general, I do love to read. I am not one of those people that can inhale a book and move on to the next one. I spend time reflecting on the book I just finished. It is a process for me. Kind of like a simmering pot. I read bibliographies and history the most. Of course I have a few fictional authors I enjoy, but overall, in the world of "word" I simply prefer to read about real life. "Fantasy" is just not my thing. Although I do enjoy a good movie.

It's funny about blogging. Anything goes; Whether it is politically correct, written well, or just a simple list.

Quite frankly, it has replaced the "People" magazine I used to buy when the cover struck me as interesting.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Art Freckles Reveal

July's Kit at Art Freckles simply rocked my world with fun this month.
Be sure to check out the designer gallery as well to see all the fun REVEALS "Through the Looking Glass."
Here are a few creations I made using this wonderful kit.


If you love Art Freckles Kit's as much as we do, your going to love our new 'Kit Masters Contest'.
We want to see the very best of what all of YOU are creating with Art Freckles Kits.


  • You can use any monthly Art Freckles kit ( class/card kits do not qualify, it must be a monthly kit)

  • Create! Create! Create! - show us what you can create with the kit. Layouts, cards altered.. anything!

  • Creations must use MINIMUM 80% kit content. Creations must be new for this contest.

  • Register in the Art Freckles Gallery, and upload your creations into the 'Kit Masters Contest' gallery.

  • When uploading, please indicate kit used, and any product used that was NOT part of the kit must be indicated as well.

  • You have until July 31st, 2010 to upload your entries. (Use of one kit only per person please.)

  • Entries will be judged on... number of projects created, quality of projects, creativity and variety of projects.

The winner of the 'Kit Masters Contest' will receive a $25.00 gift certificate to the Art Freckles store, and will also have their entry showcased on our blog here.

The winner will be announced Friday August 6th, 2010.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Military Brats...A Journey Home

I just wanted to post a review from my "old" blog about a movie I had the honor to participate in its production. Here is the review I wrote several years ago.

Donna Musil is trying to get this movie reviewed and brought to light on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Originally posted:Tuesday, August 28, 2007 The Journey Home....
Well, I have been asked many times how long have I been scrapbooking? Well, seriously since 2005 2 years after the birth of my daughter. Before scrapping I had another obsession that was fused by the fabulous world of the World Wide Web. The information highway. My obsession was seeking out friends from my childhood. Although, I was born in Atlanta....I really never had a concrete "staple" answer of "I am from..."
Well over 10 years ago I came across a lady named Donna Musil and she was seeking out Military Brats for her documentary. I filled out her questionnaire and intereviewed for a film that has now come full circle. This film is about "the journey home" and the sub-culture of life as a Military Brat that no-one ever really talked about. The documentary has since been viewed in many cities, Armed Forces Television, film festivals, and military bases around America. The documentary is eye opening to a culture of America that lends one to see that not just our soldiers sacrifice but that the dependents of our soldiers, too encounter loss in many ways. It opens the eye of the viewer to know that whatever "we" as "brats" did/do is a direct reflection on our Military Father/Mother.

Many of you are aware by reading my blog that a "Sense of Home" is what grounds me in my scrapbooking. Recounting stories and places where I have been is encompassed within my scrapbooking. I am currently living in a city for the longest I have ever been in one place as an Adult or child for that matter. Home is important and creating roots for my children has been something that is very important to me.

I honestly could talk about this for a long time and bore you with my stories, insights, memories, and move experiences. I have been fortunate to have lived during Vietnam and attend my first day of school in Okinawa, Japan during the change of the YEN. I have also personally seen and touched the Wall of Berlin that seperated the East and West city of Berlin, Germany before it actually came down. Military Life is all I ever knew.

So, now you know. My obsession before scrapping was seeking out relationships/friends that helped mold me the way that I am today. I have found about 14 people from my years as an Army Brat and still continue this search to find my very best friend, Karen Duffy. I have only come across people that remember her or her brother.

I just wanted you to know that this incredible film is worth viewing and absorbing. I am proud to say that I had a small part of sharing my story and if you are still reading this long post and are interested in viewing the trailer and the website of this documentary that has recieved multiple awards then please do so ---> Brats: Our Journey Home.

I am now proud to say that I am a mother of a military man and I sit in the early mornings while gathering my thoughts and my (TAWG) Time Alone With God and am thankful that I experienced more than the "average" American child growing up in the late 1960's and 1970's when politics and pride were openly discussed in our home. So, when my son calls me or writes me of his experiences it always brings a flood of memories to heart and I once again, "remember." Then reality sets in and I realize that the Cycle/Circle still continues and the Military Life is still in evolution and forges on.
Family is important. Roots are what they are...."roots." Just sometimes for us Military Families- our roots are those little fibers that can reach miles and while they are not really strong roots they are centered for one purpose. Freedom. Military Families have a special bond that allows us to come together if even for a brief moment in our lives. But the one constant bond we all share is the love for our country and being proud to be an American.

Please take the time to view the website and you will learn about a "sub-culture" that the average American is just now learning about and becoming aware.
Okinawa, Japan...1971

If you are still the film
click on link below
We WANT a Military Brats Show and the Brats Film on Oprah!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Birthday America!

I know my post is a day late. But our America Birthday Party was all weekend long. Swimming, cooking out, ice cream making, and watching fireworks.We simply enjoyed our time as we celebrated 234 years of FREEDOM!Attractive, eh? Kaleb and his pants. I refer to them as "Farmers Shorts."
He bails hay in these pants and he assures me that
he is kept cool while keeping his lower legs safe. I say they need to be burned!

Homemade Double Vanilla Ice Cream and Fresh StrawberriesKatie was keeping a vigil over the homemade cream churningKatie and Megan came to visit with their mom, Crystal for the weekend from Ohio.
These two cuties were nothing but giggles.
I think Brianna was a tad bit jealous.
Enjoying the weekend of Birthday Celebration ended with fireworks all around us.
They lasted for about 2 hours and we had some sleepy heads for sure!

I hope you had a terrific holiday. There is just something about family, BBQ, homemade ice cream, and fireworks. It's these times when bonds are sealed for sure.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

July Sneaks!

le' Sneak Peek for July
ya gotta love it!

July's kit at Art Freckles is to covet for sure!
Here are some peeks of the kit.Over at Art Freckles in July, there will be a fantastic contest!
Be sure to pop in or at least visit the store...lots of new goodies.
See YOU at Art Freckles