Thursday, October 29, 2009

Christmas Trees

Oh, well I got a wild hair yesterday and created two paper decoupage trees. They were fun to create and I thought I would share them with you.
I really am getting my CHRISTMAS SPIRIT! Crazy, huh?
*click on each photo to enlarge*
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Art Freckles Sneak! Ready for Christmas?

Just letting the sneaks speak for themselves.
If you are interested in this kit...You should grab one fast!

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Here comes the rain again....

I am sure there is a song about this...."Here comes the rain again..." Today I am heading to the doctor for an all day procedure (infusion) one day these will stop. At least that is my prayer. On a positive note, tonight we are planning to go to the Fall Festival at Bri's school and I am sure we will have a great time. I love this time of year with the leaves turning and the cool breeze in the air, but really? All of this rain? We have not carved our pumpkin because of the rain but I am sure we will do it sometime this weekend. Time changes next weekend and that will be nice, I guess. It means the sun will set earlier and will rise earlier. Right now, we are in the dark in the mornings as Bri gets on the bus. Good thing the bus picks her up right at our driveway. On a more fun note, here are some ideas if you want to keep your Jack-O-Lanterns closed up in order to use the goodies inside for Holiday Baking. They are very cute pumpkins and the pictures were taken at Jackson's Orchard last weekend. I have seen some pumpkins where people have used the Mr. Potato Head pieces and created a face as well. But I think I am old fashioned and I like to light up my pumpkin. So, this year...we may do both. One painted and one lit.
Have a SPOOKTAKULAR Weekend! Only a week or so left for October and then it will be November. Gosh, I need to get my Christmas Shopping started!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall is one of my favorite seasons...

Yesterday was sunny and chilly but an overall gorgeous Fall day. After church we headed to the highest point in Bowling Green to Jackson's Orchard. We got there 30 minutes before they opened and parking was easy. They were ready for business. The pumpkins were huge and the prices just knocked me over they were so low. We started in the fun area where they had a huge slide and petting zoo for children. However, I was happy to see all the little animals. They are just adorable I tell ya. We were lucky as there were no lines for the huge slides and Bri got to experience the fun at least 6 times. She loved the fun. The goats and the llama's were my favorite. They loved being hand fed and it seemed the goats were not getting the attention they desired and I found them very excited to get a little love from us. They had little piggies, wiloughby, zebra, and a miniature looking Brahma bull looking animal. He sure loved to be fed and petted. After our love of "playing," I finally convinced Bri that we needed to check out the goodies in the barn and look for treats. Our intention of course was to satisfy her in order for us to do some Fall shopping. Mind you, my husband is with 3 females and we were totally soaking it all in. They really need an area with a TV and benches for all the men in order for them to remain happy. At least this is my theory. Brian does not get into the shopping and gawking as I do. Brianna had some attitude because all she could think about was the fun area which by now, had several hundred people standing in lines to slide. The inside of the barn smelled wonderful and they had free tastings of the different apples. I think my new favorite apple is the Arkansas Black Apple. Thick skinned and juicy sweet. These particular apples will last through Christmas. I learned a great deal about the process of cleaning the apple and of course...there were yummies everywhere! One of my favorite items were these fabulous baskets that you could wet them and mold them into the rounded shape you desired. We managed to leave the orchard with sweet potato's, apples, strawberry preserves, chocolate covered pretzels, fried apple pies, pumpkin bread, spaghetti squash, and we washed down a warm fried apple pie ala mode with a diet coke. The harvest was wonderful and the drive spectacular. As I stated, we arrived early and by the time we left the line of cars was all the way down the mountain and people everywhere. So, I can safely say that arriving early paid off well. As for prices, WOW! A pumpkin that we would have paid easily $25.00 for in Georgia was only $6.00. How crazy is that?! I told the cashier they needed to load up and head South with their harvest. Of course, they had pony rides, hay rides to the patch itself, and people were having birthday parties for little ones. It is quite the experience. I took 109 photos and I will share just a few with you here. Enjoy!
I love this Halloween Gourd

These baskets are simply delighful!
I love his eyelashes!
Fall is simply Fabulous FUN!
Like I said, I have mounds of photos but I just did not want to bore ya...I will scrap them!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I think Winter has arrived....

Do you feel that? It is the chill in the air. We actually turned on our heat yesterday for the first time since moving here. I think Winter arrived over night! The wind has been fierce I tell ya. I am convinced we have wind here all the time because there are no mountains or large white pines to break the winds. Our fireplace has been lit in the early mornings and it has been enough to warm the house...but oh, the heat throughout our home sure feels good. I get cold easily and once I am chilled to the bone after a day of football as we had yesterday...there is one way to surely warm me up...Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup. Yepper, at about 4 PM yesterday I started cooking a "from scratch" a homemade chicken soup. We ate around 7:30 PM and it was worth the wait. Because Chicken Noodle Soup tends to be on the salty side of things I always like to incorporate a "sweet bread." So, I made homemade blueberry muffins to go with it. My husband says that I am weird. But he did eat two muffins! So, who is weird?
I have also managed to scrap a bit the past few days. I hope you enjoy my creations and can I just say.....Jillibean's Corrugated Letters are my NEW FAVORITE scrappy item!
Thanks for taking a gander at my layouts.
I must add one thing...I am SO PROUD of my GEORGIA BULLDAWGS! I also saw, that Georgia Tech won over VT! WOW, that was a shocker!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Times They Are A Changing...

Well, I am sad this morning to say the least. One of my favorite kit clubs is closing its doors. Heather over at 3 Scrappy Boys has had to make a hard decision to close the doors of the kit club and sell everything as of this morning at 40% off msrp. It really comes down to putting ones family first and for this I support her 100% in her decision. Our children grow so fast and when having a business conflicts with ones family...there really is not much of a decision to make is there? Family should always come first. I will miss 3 Scrappy Boys. Come January, I will have been a member at the message board and kit club for almost 6 years. WOW! I have had the grand delight to be a Design Team Member for several of those 6 years and had the privilege to be the DT Coordinator as well. I have met friends (IN REAL TOUCHABLE LIFE) because of 3 Scrappy Boys. I am sorry to be saying goodbye to the kit club and maybe someone will purchase the store and save it. Of course, that is selfish of me to hang on to that possibility. I wanted to share this will you as this year has marked major changes in my life and honestly...2010 cannot come fast enough for me and put this year of death, moving, change, and more changes behind me. So, I thank 3 Scrappy Boys and all of the online inspiration I have gathered from the boards and the gallery. I am more thankful for meeting real friends that we have scrapped and laughed together as well. So, if you would like to get some great scrapbooking supplies at a fabulous cost...check it out now! You know the NEW goodies will not last long!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Huge Thank You....

This past Friday, I received a Priority package full of goodies. All Making Memories Products. The box came from Arizona. Honestly, I want to say thank you.
But I simply cannot remember if I won a
RAK (not recently I haven't) or what? So, forgive me for not remembering but I wanted to shout a BIG THANK YOU to whomever you are. The goodies will be used!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Chilly Fall Day...

It's a chilly, rainy, wet, soaked, and downright yucky day here in Bowling Green, KY. We have lots planned though. A football game to attend to and then we are heading to Double Dogs to watch the Georgia Bulldogs play today. We cannot get the game. However, if we want to spend $135.00 plus taxes then we can watch it on PPV. What the heck is with that?! So, we will go watch it where it will be played locally. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving for our Canadian neighbors and although we celebrate Thanksgiving at different times and for a different reason, they pretty much have the same dinner that we do here in the "lower 48." So, Happy Thanksgiving Canada! We have purchased 15 mums and we will get them in the ground this morning. They are gorgeous. We got them from a mum farm here and they are huge! We only paid $3.00 for each mum and if we were to buy them in the Atlanta area they would be about $18.00 each. So, it is a "find" for sure. I will be sure to take photos once we put them in the ground and post here. The leaves are starting to show their colors here as well. I give it a week and we will be in full color of Fall. Lots of hardwoods here and not many pines, so it proves to be beautiful for sure.

I will leave you today with a few cards I have made. They are simple but I sure do love the paper and I wanted the patterned paper to be the main design itself. I just could not cover it up!
I will also post 3 little Halloween cards that I threw together to use some of my leftover goodies as well.I

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ready, Okay!

Our weekend was so busy I am just now getting caught up on things around the house and today I plan on scrapping a bit and hanging with B & B. Saturday, Brianna had her first Flag Football Game with the Upward Program. She was a cheerleader for 2 teams. The girls change fields at half time to cheer for another team. It was funny, when the girls took the field to make the tunnel for the players, all of the girls were taller than the boys. She came back and said, "they sure are small to play football, mom." I told her, "yeah, but around 11 or so they grow faster than girls do." I was pretty proud of Brianna. She was the "ready, okay" girl and all of the girls did a great job for their first time cheering in front of a live audience. The wind was howling around 40 mph and gusted higher at times.
It was a great time and we really enjoyed our beautiful Saturday.Explanation of the rules and then they all prayed together.
I loved that.

I really cannot believe it is the 7th of October already. This year is flying in warp speed!
Have a great Hump Day!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Getting my Spook On and Scrappy On!

I have had a busy weekend and it proves to be a busy week. My husband is on vacation and he is in the garage making shelves to put out crates of "stuff." My daughter is home on Fall Break this week as well. This is a new thing for us as we never had Fall Break in Georgia. We are hoping once again (weather pending), planning a picnic to Mammoth Caves and do some hiking and check out the area this week. Time will tell this story. Well, as I stated at the beginning, along with company, birthday party, and an online crop this past weekend I managed to scrap quite a bit. I will put just a few things I have created from this past weekend and hope to upload more pictures tomorrow as well. So, I do feel creatively productive to say the least.

click on each photo to enlargeATC's

Thanks for taking a look and have a great MONDAY!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hot Pink and Black...

HOT PINK & Black

Yes, Hot Pink and Black are my daughter's favorite colors. Therefore, it is hard to create this theme for a Birthday Party without it seeming too old. So, I fudged a little and made do with what I could and still incorporate her favorite colors. Yesterday was a day of cheer leading with extreme winds and a Birthday Party with new friends. We enjoyed the day and DAWGS are tired. Did I mention that my Georgia Dawgs lost? Yes, dang it....that is all I will say about that. Hot pink Razor Scooter, Hot Pink and Black Guitar, and a Hot Pink and Black Safety Helmet were her big gifts. She was treated very well this Birthday to say the least. The Birthday Cupcakes this year were kept simple with a design of pink flowers and black centers and an adorning lady bug. They were so cute. I was told they were very good. I did not eat one as it is simply too much sugar for my body to handle. But I know one thing...after all the cupcake, ice cream, and candy from the pinata...I am sure there are parents that did not go to sleep at a normal hour. But hey, you are only young once., the kids are off this coming week for Fall Break! Ya gotta live it up, huh? So, to keep it cheery this Sunday and Sweet...I will let you take a peek into the party.
I created the centerpiece with extra tissue paper I had left over from wrapping gifts.