Sunday, October 10, 2010

What was I thinking?

For a few weeks now I have been thinking about giving up scrapbooking and simply concentrating on my mixed media art. What the FLIPPITY DOO DAH was I thinking? Yesterday, I drove about 40 miles north of Bowling Green and as I was driving and listening to music oh too loud; I had this charge that I had not felt in some time. No, it was not the Auburn University fans with their SUV's all loaded down with tail gating goodies and their loud ORANGE and BLUE that was a caravan on their way to the Kentucky game. It was not the fall colors that were vivid on the trees. It was not even the beautiful sunshine. Was it because I was not alone? Was it because I was not hurried out of state to take care of family business? Was it because I had not a care in the world? I think not...what I was so giddy about was playing with paper! Yes, scrapbooking. I was on a roll and nothing was going to stop me from one thing that gives me great pleasure. Loaded down with my own goodies I was headed north to SHOP and create and it is a wonderful feeling. So, what the FLIPPITY was I thinking when I thought I could give up something that makes me so happy? Clearly, I was having a "not so clear" moment in my life. But baby, I am sniffing glue again! Not literally, but you paper artists know what I mean.

So, without further ado I will share a few things I created in about 5 hours. In that time I shopped and had lunch with some wonderful ladies along with stimulating conversations as well. I love Halloween. It is the one time each year that is pure fun. For a few hours on one night we are NOT in the backyard summoning nature but we are having a grand time dressing as something we are not. It makes me feel like a kid again and is all about the candy, right?

I have a lot more to update everyone on the happenings.  Just stay tuned.
  I promise not to be so long in between posts.

Stay tuned...

Having problems with BLOGGER not uploading my pics.  So....please be patient.  I AM BACK!