Saturday, August 30, 2008

Crop and Shop!

There is nothing better than a fully packed day of scrapping! I have mounds of pictures and lots of ideas floating in my head. Archiver's is great and the shopping is even better. So, off I go to the land of scrap and enjoy the chatter and laughter of paper cutting divas. Heather is still in town and she will pop in for a few hours to crop with Sue and I. So, we should have a good time.

The garden is just about finished producing yumminess and I have frozen all I can freeze for winter stews. Leaving you with this Natural Goodness layout. Catch ya on the SCRAP SIDE.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just playing...

I am all about the fall and decorating for the Harvest Season and with that comes some Halloween decorations. I love the smell of spiced candles and the warmth that the colors of the season brings to our home. So, this week I have been playing around with some of my Making Memories Spellbound goodies. I altered this cigar box and will display it somewhere when it is time to break out the orange and black for Halloween.
This box can have candy in it or nothing at all. But I decided to put a picture of myself and put the word..."BOO!" So, when you open see me!

However, I will spare you the inside picture. It is just a picture of me from last Halloween with a green face and a witch hat. I love fun fun themes. I guess I am still a kid at heart.

Creating daily allows me to not only release stress but get excited about Fall Festivals and the pumpkin patch picking. I cannot wait to line my deck with colorful mums and daisy mums that bring so much fun as one comes to our front door for their goody on all Hallows Eve.

I mean, it is ALL ABOUT THE CANDY, right?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The endearing "THANK YOU!"

My "scrap" bend is full and I am trying to use as much product for "Thank You" cards as I can. I look through my scrappy supply and I am not sure why I am actually holding onto so much that seems to be older product. But I do. I think we as scrappers tend to hold on to our goodies and not use them. But I am "freeing" myself from this and it is quite revealing to me what I have held onto and then I remind myself...I bought it to create and release energy. I am not a great card maker. It is hard for me to go back and forth from large layouts to card making. I envy those that have this talent for sure. Thank you cards are always in need. I think we as a society have forgotten the good feeling we get when we receive one via snail mail. I have been sending many these days out to family and friends that for whatever reason needed me to say, "Thank You." Sometimes, just a thank you for a friendship or smile is a good enough reason to send one. We always send thank you cards for condolences or celebration. That is almost a given. But we need to send the "Thank You" to those that affect our lives on a daily basis. So, my pledge to myself and to reduce the "scrappy bulge" in my scraps drawer is more than freeing it is a must thing to do. So here are some cards I have been "scrapping" together just to give to that special someone.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hand Delivered Directly from China


How cool is this? About a week before the Olympics started my husband received a call from a co-worker who was in China on business and asked him what event would he like in the form of a souvenir. He of course, chose "Archery" because of our last name. I just think that is is kinda cool that a co-worker would think of us enough to hand deliver a special event Saki Cup from China that commemorates the 2008 Summer Olympics.


We have a massive collection of apparel and pens from the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. My husband worked for a company that made the items and we have accumulated quite the collection.

I really like the mascot for the Olympics in China. I never quite got the "IZZY" for the Olympics in 1996. The Panda Symbol is just perfect!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Yepper, I am SPELLBOUND!

Well, it is no secret that I am a huge fan of Making Memories products. Last year the Halloween themed items blew my socks off and this year is not different! Spellbound is so much fun and I have been scrapping away. However, this morning I got a wild hair to take a 10 x 10 canvas frame and layer with Making Memories Acrylic Paints and some stamping as well. I just kept layering until I liked the result. However, my finished canvas needed something to give it that Halloween flair. Well, the Glitter Foam Stickers from the Making Memories Spellbound Collection was the added touch that completed my canvas. I started making this canvas for a friend who loves to really decorate for Halloween and the Fall. But, I am thinking I may keep this canvas for myself.

Just a lot of Making Memories Going On!

Canvas Painting Created by Kimberly Archer

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Full Circle!

Well, I have recently celebrated another birthday. My wonderful husband surprised me and took me to Chastain Amphitheatre to see Cheap Trick, Heart, and Journey in concert. It was a hot humid evening but the atmosphere just could not be beat! So, I have been going through old photos and came across a photo that was damaged by time and light. I scanned the photo and cropped it to the best of my ability and tried to enhance the color. I am thinking it was too damaged to really show the fun and funkiness of a homemade outfit that my mother made for me. But I find it interesting that in 40 years this fashion of prints has come full circle and is once again in the world of fashion and it finds it way onto scrapbooking papers as well. Fun, Funky, and Full of Color!
I often wonder what happened to these outfits that my mother sewed with great detail and affection. Oh well, that is a story that will not have an ending. So, this brings me back to Chastain Amphitheatre Park. They will be having a "HIPPIE DAY" with the music from the late 1960's and early 1970's when the Age of Aquarius was in full bloom and ideas as well as music was stretching the envelope of reserved parents. I remember my mother was quite the BEATNIK and loved out of the box fun things. Beads, Flowers, Colors, and Art filled our home and my mother was on the cutting edge of women's rights and completing her law degree. Funny, I do not remember her wearing these funky colors to court. But then again, I am sure she only let me see and know limited things from this time. But I do remember being the center of her attention during a time when our country and the youth had much to say.