Monday, July 28, 2008

Terrific Weekend...

I had a great weekend with my scrappy friends Heather and Sue. We met at Archiver's and shopped. Of course, we all spent obscene amounts of money in just a matter of 45 minutes or less. But you was things I just had to have. While at Archiver's I saw a few of my Atlanta Pea gals starting their day of scrapbook fun. It was good to see them. I was jealous of course because heck fire, they were scrapping! In any case, Heather, Sue and myself went to a great cafe called MiMi's and had a wonderful brunch. We talked nearly two hours and it was great to just sit and chat over a wonderful meal and coffee. This was the official "send off" of Heather. She is headed to Jackson, Mississippi and she will be greatly missed.

Sue and I have decided to crop this coming weekend at Archiver's for the Create.Crop.Cure for Breast Cancer. It is a 12 hour crop and all proceeds (100%) go to benefit breast cancer research. I have decided to crop in the memory of my sister-in-law, Karen Archer. She lost her battle with Breast Cancer in November of 2006. I know Karen would have loved to be part of such a wonderful event. Karen was actually scrapbooking her memories when she lost her battle with the cancer that plagued her and her family for 2 years. My brother-in-law said all of her scrappy goodies were still on the dining room table when she passed. So, Karen has scrapbooks unfinished. One day, I will head to Boca Raton, Fl. and sit with Karen's daughter and help her complete the scrapbooks when the time is right. So, this coming Saturday is more than just a grand time of Cropping for a will be a time for me to remember a bright light that was dimmed by such a terrible disease.

I love that the color for Breast Cancer is Pink. It is a baby soft pink and a few months ago I made a few cards with pink in them. I no longer have these cards as I have given them away...but here is a creative glance for you to gander at and be inspired.

Have a wonderful and creative week.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

WOW, it is hot!

Yes, the heat index reached over 100 degrees yesterday. It was blistering for sure along with some serious humidity. I am gearing up this week to start school clothes shopping and then meeting up with a few scrappy friends this weekend. We are taking our friend Heather out to eat and give her a "scrappy" goodbye before she heads West of Georgia. Gosh, I am going to miss her greatly.
I have been looking at all of the CHA-Summer releases and I a can honestly say that I am so inspired to go BUY! School is around the corner for the new year session and then the holidays will soon follow. Where the heck did this year go let alone the summer? I have been scrapping and need to get some photos of things I have done recently and get them uploaded. One layout that I really enjoy is one that I did a few months ago that revolved around Christmas. It was the first time I really took an "event" and used a great deal of photos on it to display the day of happenings.

For me, this is relatively a simple layout. But I really enjoyed using up some of my Love Elsie goodies on this page.

That is all for now...have a great remaining SUMMER TIME!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Catching Up!

Well, the "skinny" is that I have taken on more mediums here as of late. When I was in college I used to paint portraits for extra money when I could. I love working with acrylic paints and dabble in oil. I have also been doing more flower pounding on canvas as well. It seems I never keep my flower pounding. Those creations are always given as gifts or close friends and relatives ask for them. One of my favorite things is do dabble in doodleart. They are always fun. I have been stretching some old canvas from a bolt that has been in its box for over 2 years and I never knew how much I enjoyed it. I plan on making odd sizes and incorporating my scrappy supplies within my painting. We shall see how committed I am to making all of this work within my already kinda crazy schedule. School will be starting soon and I will definitely have more time to play during the day.
I am already grieving for a scrappy friend. She is heading off to Mississippi in two weeks as a long term move with her family of 11 1/2....(baby #10 is on the way). She is a very clean scrapbooker and I just simply love talking to her. We share our ideas and beliefs just about on every single subject. However, this move is a positive move for their family and I wish them the best of luck. I am so happy my long distance is free!

CHA-Summer in Chicago is under full swing right now and I have been stalking the Making Memories Blog all day yesterday in hopes of possibly getting lucky enough to be chosen for some free product. Their papers are always a favorite of mine and the embellishments are just to die for! I always tend to buy their products in vast supply. This is one company that I just do not buy one of each...
Hard to believe last week this time was our last day on our vacation. We all have great tans and a week filled with incredible memories. The beach is definitely where we plan on retiring when it is the time. We love the water and yes, the heat! There is nothing like boating and the feel of salt water spray.
I hope to be uploading some eye candy soon. Until then...have a creative day!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Giving it a "GO!"

Well, here I am again. I stopped blogging my "creative stuff" this past December of 2007. I zapped my blog of over 2 years and now I am back at it again. My goal is to keep this blog strictly for creative meanderings and inspirations. So, we shall see how it goes. I am thinking the look will change from time to time as this is a representation of how I am. I love new looks and get bored with the old from time to time. So, please enjoy the reads, links, and I hope to be an inspiration for all who visit my blog.