Sunday, March 27, 2011

Statements of This and That

I am getting ready to go create for a bit.  My club does not open until 1:00 PM.  Yes, I would say we are in a community that still tries to preserve a bit of the "Old Sunday" ways.  Everything just gets back to normal after the morning church hours.  Because, Lord forbid "the women" cook on Sunday.  It is just better to go to a restaurant and have it prepared for you from someone that should be home with their family.  That always struck me as backwards thinking.

Here are a few more photos of randomness.  It is just weird for me to post something without a photo.  Know what I mean?
 The above picture?  What can I say...37 days of the white stuff since November 2010 to February 2011.  Yes, I am ready for some warmth.  It is nippy today.  They are calling for some sleet.  What the FLIPPITY DOO DAH?

 The above Sterling Rose Bouquet is my Valentine's Day surprise that was sent to my workplace from my darling husband.  It was the second bouquet.  I had to get it a day later as the bouquet below is what they sent to me on V-Day.  He saw it and said, "THAT IS NOT WHAT I ORDERED!"  Who knew?

 Yes, I would say there is a HUGE DIFFERENCE!  BTW, the top bouquet lasted 3 weeks and the this bouquet with the pink flowers...never bloomed.  The heads of the roses just fell off.

Well, I am off to create.  I need to go play with some paper and glue.

Have a great SUNDAY.  Stay warm.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Living Simple

I admire the once active "Shaker Community" and how they lived.  There are only 3 Shakers that are still living today as our guide explained to us before we embarked on a self tour of the Shaker Community right outside Bowling Green.  I loved that their decor was simple and everything had a purpose and was used.  While I enjoy the clean lines and open space with gracious amounts of light, it just was not a "homey" feel.  But on the other hand, times have changed.  We as a society used to work hard everyday in the warmer months preparing and preserving for the Winter months to come.  This was no exception for the Shakers.  I will share some of the photos I took.  It was really interesting. 

The daily preserving area in the main house.

Community meal time preparation area.  Located in the main house.

The Bakery.  On one wall was a huge Pie Safe. 
Breads, puddings, and desserts were made here daily.

Entrance into one of the Worship Rooms.

I was surprised to learn that Shakers were ahead of their time.  Technology as far as living was incorporated into their way of life.  The amount of people that the Kentucky Shakers took care of during the War between the States, was incredible.  It nearly depleted all of their supplies.  This particular community of Shakers dispersed around 1922.

This to be continued...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bits and Pieces but not the entire story.

In December, I made the incredible decision to quit smoking.  I had smoked for 18 years.  I know, I know, what the flippity doo da was I thinking?  Anyway, I quit with the assistance of taking Chantix for one month.  I did try and quit during the time of great food and drink; However, it was the best time.  Simply because all of my family was here for Christmas and well...I want to live longer, healthier, and I wanted to start putting me and my needs at the top of the chain.  So, I did.  When I went to my doctor in January I had only gained 5 pounds.  I thought, "wow" not so bad.  But 3 weeks ago I decided to join a fitness center because I felt I was gaining more weight.  I did not know how much...I just simply felt it.  Ummmmmmmm, 30 extra/more pounds!  So, now I have a personal trainer, a house cleaner twice a month, and I am losing inches and pounds.  I have had two sessions with trainer (roughly one week) and I have lost 11 inches and 5.7 pounds.  This is great because I am living life, working, and doing what I love with creating art.  So, there is no-one cooking my meals and portioning them.  I am doing this on my own with a trainer for 30 minutes a week to help with workout routines for the following week.  THE HARD WORK is up to me.  I feel pretty good.  I will share about this journey as I feel comfortable.  But right now, I am super proud of myself.

So, there you have it.  Stay tuned, I am on a roll!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Share, Say, Catch a glance!

I have so much to share.  Lots of changes since the beginning of December 2010 for me.  Scratch that, really since August when I started working again full time.  Over the next week, I plan on catching up to the best of my ability and share what has been happening in glimpses.  I love Blogger's little "post options" that enable me to make several posts and they be published on different days.  So without further ado.  I will begin.

In February I went scrapping and since I have not shared any of my creative works in quite awhile, I will share some of the layouts I created that day.  There was left over snow on the ground but it did not stop about 70 of us die hard scrappers.  We were ready to get out and about.  The snow has been something this Winter for sure.  More on that in another post.  For now, I will share some of my works that include my own designs and a great love for Studio Calico Kits.  I enjoy picking up my kits and it allows me to check in on the Foster's and chat a bit with Lori.  As always, I gander in the "behind the scenes, too."  But you could not choke the "in the know" that I get to see once a month.  It is a bit of scrappy heaven for me.

So, you see?  I am still creating.  I am still painting and making cards.  It is just that my schedule has changed and so have some of my priorities and I am working on me.  More on that another time!  I promise to be more diligent in posting and everything is finally falling into place and this year is already promising to be great!