Sunday, March 27, 2011

Statements of This and That

I am getting ready to go create for a bit.  My club does not open until 1:00 PM.  Yes, I would say we are in a community that still tries to preserve a bit of the "Old Sunday" ways.  Everything just gets back to normal after the morning church hours.  Because, Lord forbid "the women" cook on Sunday.  It is just better to go to a restaurant and have it prepared for you from someone that should be home with their family.  That always struck me as backwards thinking.

Here are a few more photos of randomness.  It is just weird for me to post something without a photo.  Know what I mean?
 The above picture?  What can I say...37 days of the white stuff since November 2010 to February 2011.  Yes, I am ready for some warmth.  It is nippy today.  They are calling for some sleet.  What the FLIPPITY DOO DAH?

 The above Sterling Rose Bouquet is my Valentine's Day surprise that was sent to my workplace from my darling husband.  It was the second bouquet.  I had to get it a day later as the bouquet below is what they sent to me on V-Day.  He saw it and said, "THAT IS NOT WHAT I ORDERED!"  Who knew?

 Yes, I would say there is a HUGE DIFFERENCE!  BTW, the top bouquet lasted 3 weeks and the this bouquet with the pink flowers...never bloomed.  The heads of the roses just fell off.

Well, I am off to create.  I need to go play with some paper and glue.

Have a great SUNDAY.  Stay warm.


Jodi said...

Can't wait to see what you create.... hope you got some scrappy time in... also, I am done with snow too!!

Aubree said...

These bouquets are lovely -- and what a nice gift to end up with two!!

I am with you on the weather!! I am so over the snow and cold!! We have started soccer and baseball season --- it is NO FUN in the 40 degree weather we have been having!!!

ashjoy said...

The roses are gorgeous! And you are so right, that is backwards thinking. But I have to agree I use any excuse I can not to have to cook a big dinner. Although I really enjoy Sunday dinners at home. It's kind of our connecting day.

S.Wyman said...

Hey girl, just checking up on you! ;) Sounds like life has been whirlwind for you, and kudos to you for quiting smoking!!
When you get a chance stop by AF.. you were the shout out for April. ;)
Miss ya, xoxo