Monday, April 18, 2011

Creative Pampering!

Yes, that is exactly what it was on Saturday.  A day of scrapbooking, messages, gifts every hour, decadent cakes, eclair's, chocolates, and girl time.  It was in essence, a day of pampering!  I enjoyed it greatly and it ended all too soon.  I feel I accomplished a great deal.  I scrapped with my Studio Calico kits and shopped as well.  So without further ado...
 Ever set your tripod up and and move toward it?  It is lots of fun..

 Brianna loves to ride her bike.

 Try explaining these "VOGUE" moves to your 8 year old daughter and then carry that a bit further and go into a Madonna mini-biography.  Oh yeah, we lived it!

 I camped as well.  But I was so proud of Brianna helping her dad set up camp. 
I arrived a day later.

I simply love the artsy feel of the A & W can.  Too bad I do not like the flavor.

Thanks for taking a gander!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Signs of Spring and the Natives are Restless!

Warmer weather is what we want.  Warmer weather is what we got.  I recently had a car wreck and my mobility has not been what it was over a week ago.  My working out is sidelined along with other favorite Springtime fun.  But it does not mean I cannot take photos of others having fun.

Such a sweet smile.  Freckles, too!

I drink Diet Dr. Pepper.  This is Bri's Favorite.  I just think it is a pretty cool can design.  Love the colors.

Show OFF!  I am thinking it is not "RAIN DROPS KEEP FALLING," either.  But, pretty close.

He has his MAN CARD BACK and I sport my Studio Calico Softball shirt.

I love this color.
Well, I plan on scrapping all day tomorrow. 
Oh yes, I am back on the 3 Scrappy Boys Design Team. 
 I think it will be lots of fun, too!