Wednesday, August 29, 2012


It is simple.
I am having a good time this week creating.
The layouts below are the layouts I created at Faith Scrappers yesterday.
Might I add, such inspiring ladies and we had a great devotional time.
Scrapbooking Creative Scrapping
Fourth Grade

First Day of School
On Cloud Nine

First Day of School
Summer's End

Last night we had a grand time at the WKU Lady Toppers Volleyball game.  
They Won!
It is really is exciting and the game moved so quickly.
It is a great way to break up the week and have a good time.

Thinking about family and friends on the Gulf Coast.
Prayers for safety and minimal damage.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Faith Scrapping

Today I am at my church for a morning of scrapbooking and sharing the Word of God.
It is a time for a great devotional reading and then we take the scripture of the day and make a layout/book/tag/ or whatever one would like to make.
I plan on making a small book for the 5 week session.  I am also making a 6" x 12" page that will be a larger book.  This will be an ongoing class and we will meet initially for 5 weeks then take a short break and begin again.  I think it is going to be a great time of creativity and sharing positive love.

I am leading the class and the first day our scripture verse is:
Take the ... sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.
                                   -------------------Ephesians 6:17

Faith Scrappers meet at Broadway UMC on Melrose in the welcome center off from the Sanctuary.
We will meet from 9AM-1PM each Tuesday.
Anyone may come and join for any amount of time or just pop in.

Ephesians 6:17 Scrapbooking Faith
Faith Scrappers- Ephesians 6:17-Day One

Ephesians 6:17 Faith Scrapbooking
Faith Scrappers-Ephesians 6:17- Day One
Have a day with many blessings!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

12 Hour Scrapping...

Well, not the entire 12 hours.  But I was up for 27.08 hours, though.
We talked, snacked, listened to music, shared photos, and would every once in awhile say, "how many pages do you have done?"  We were blessed in that the youth of our church were having a lock in.  So, we got to listen to laughter, giggles, rushes of clapping, and and occasional, "DRIVE BY!"  By that meaning, running through our area.  I had a great time.  I was one of the ones that did not go take a nap in the sanctuary and then have to be shaken to say, "time to go home."  
I managed 8 layouts.
Four 12" x 12" and four 6" x 12".

Of course, there must have been at least 5 or six Cricut machines.
I brought my Silhouette Cameo.

Big time was had by all.
(Reminder: click on each image to see larger)

Barefoot Memories

Bathing Beauties Scrapbook Page

Eclectic Scrapbooking
Eclectic Flavor

Camp Loucon Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking Out of the Box
Last Week of 46

Saturday in August
Saturday 8 4 12

Date Night Scrapbooking
Say Cheese

Scrapbooking 50 Shades of Grey
Summer Read
That is all for this Sunday.

Friday, August 24, 2012


Thought I would post a few of my favorite Instagram photos.
Heck, it is so addicting.
You know, taking photos with your iPhone.
Quality is not as great, oh but what fun!
Alison Kraus and Robert Plant
One of my "GO TO" C.D.'s in my car-LOVE

BB King's Nashville
BB KING'S-Nashville
 I just love the photo above.  
Not perfect, understated, and well...reminds me of the times when socializing was that...
music, cocktail, good conversation, and laughter.

Maltese Rescue
My Chynna Girl
 There is something special about rescuing a furry friend whom now is, family.

First day of fourth grade
Brianna's first day of school, 2012!  Fourth Grade.

Sunrise Instagram
Perdido Key-Johnson Beach- AM Sunrise July 2012

Sunrise in the opposite direction of Johnson Beach, Perdido Key, Florida- July 2012
 The above photos were taken about 4 minutes apart from one another.
Just in opposite direction.

Instagram Love 1970's
My Love

Storm Johnson Beach July 2012
Storm off shore-AM Johnson Beach, Perdido Key, Florida
I hope have not made you go to sleep.  But tonight I plan on scrapping lots of layouts and have fun with some great women.  I hope I can last 6PM-6AM.  I have never participated in a crop that went from PM to AM in this manner.  Scrapping 12 hours is not hard.  Just not sure my body will stay awake.

Wish me luck.
I have LOADS of Scrappy Packing.
Enjoy one of the last weekends of Summer...
Fall is nipping in the air don't - cha - know?!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Happily in ONEDERLAND!

Yes, I am finally there!  
I have met my personal goal.
Now, to keep it up.
I would like to lose at minimum about 25 more pounds.
I have a feeling that these will be the hardest to lose.

I am now in ONE-derland.
For those not familiar with the term...
it simply means, "I am below 200 pounds!"
I hope to NEVER SEE a "2 or 3" as my first number on a scale, ever!

Healthier Lifestyle
Happily in ONE-derland!

This week I am busy preparing for an overnight crop.
I hope I can stay up.  
It begins Friday night at 6:00 PM and ends 6:00 AM on Saturday morning.
Heck, I am usually in bed by 10:00 PM most nights.
It is going to be a great weekend.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Scrappin' Happy!

Not lots to say really.
I am just loving the day to myself.
In my studio.
Playing with paper and storytelling...
Playing with pretty paper

Documenting weight loss
 The above layout was good for me to document.
I just need to get back on track, again.

storytelling and pretty paper
 The above layout was fun to create.
It warms my heart to witness, "young love."

Die Cutting with Silhouette for scrapbooking
Snap Happy
 The above layout of course is a new favorite.
I love that I am part of the memories now.
I have always been part of them...I was just never in the photos as much as I am now.
Hmmm....wonder why?  LOL

Scrapbooking pets
This is Life
How can one NOT love the above photo!
Chynna is my little companion.
She sleeps in the most funny positions.
She belongs in our scrapbooks because she is family!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Creative Roll...

Hanging out in my studio again today. 
 I thought I would post a few layouts that I completed yesterday
Summer of 69 Scrapbook Kit
Baseball Simply Rocks
 Both of these layouts came together pretty quickly.

Studio Calico Scrapbook Kit
Humid at HotRods
I also had time to throw together a card and and I decorated a Kraft Bag for my son.
We celebrated his 24th Birthday last evening.
Card making and Silhouette Cameo
Happy Birthday Kraft Bag and Card
 It looks to be a dreary day outside and that is perfect weather for playing with paper.
Yep, HUMP DAY and crafting.  
Nothing Better.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Scrappy Fun...

Back in my studio.  
I have many projects going on right now, but I seem to be wanting to play with paper.
Here is a tidbit of what I have been up to recently.
Summer of '69 Scrapbook Kit
 The above layout was created using Studio Calico's August 2012 Kit called "Summer of '69."
Completely love the colors.  I also added a few scraps that were on my desk as well.

Faith Scrappers Broadway UMC
Faith Scrappers Book Cover
 The above is a book that I have started for a new group of that will begin on August 28th.  
It is a devotional group of scrappers that will get together once a week for 4 hours.  
Here is one of the projects I am working on for this group.
I will share more about it at a later date.

Studio Calico August 2012 Kit
Such a Poser
The above is another layout that is a 6" x 6" in size and I used scraps on my desk along with contents from the Studio Calico August 2012 Kit, "Summer of '69."

Well, back to my studio!  
I really should complete my paintings.
Have a terrific Tuesday...

Oh yeah, today is my son Zachary's 24th Birthday.
Happy Birthday Zachary!
We plan on celebrating tonight.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Birthday Celebration...& a New Number!

I have been so busy with soaking in every bit of Summer with Brianna that I have not had time to post.  Today is her first day of school and I will share those photos another time.
Here is few of my favorite photos from my Birthday Celebration this past weekend.

BB King's Club in Nashville, Tennessee
BB King's

Cowboy Hats in Nashville
Whooping it up in Nashville!  My Birthday...

Dublin's Irish Pub in Bowling Green, Kentucky
Dublin's in Bowling Green- the night before my Birthday!

On our way to Nashville the morning of my Birthday!  Just a 40 minute drive Southbound.

Hooters Mural in Nashville
Love the murals on all of the buildings in Nashville

BB King's Blues Club
BB King's around Mid-Day.  Checking it out for my celebration in the evening.

Stevie Ray Vaughan's Painting at BB King's Blues Club in Nashville, Tennessee
My favorite painting at BB King's Blues Club in Nashville.

US celebrating LIFE!

Almost to ONE-DERLAND!

I may be older....but I am SO MUCH BETTER!