Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Week

We have been busy this entire month. Sunday, Zachary went back to Iraq and will arrive there probably on Christmas Day. Our Christmas week is busy with last minute Santa details and family coming over for food and fun. I have not had time to be creative and I am hoping right after Christmas I can use some of my scrappy goodies and capture some of our December memories on paper.
I hope you are having a wonderful HOLIDAY MONTH as our home has been super busy in activity and love. Saying "goodbye" is never easy but we have lots of wonderful memories and photos to remember Zachary's R&R with us here at home. I think it's wonderful that for the first time since 2003 Christians in Baghdad were able to purchase Christmas Trees out in the open without fear of retaliation. This is due to the work our soldiers have been doing in Iraq. There are currently about 100,000 Christians in Iraq that openly acknowledge their devotion to Christ. I hope that PEACE will come to this part of the world soon so that our soldiers can come home with a feeling that they contributed to securing a safer living economy for those in Iraq.
From Our Home to Yours,
We are wishing YOU a Wonderful and Bright Christmas Day!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Don't give HIM the camera.....


Baby, It's
COLD Outside

It's no secret that I hate my picture to be taken. But while my husband was in the car he picked up the camera and started shooting pictures through the nasty windshield. I mean really...it's FLIPPIN' cold outside and we were waiting for the Christmas parade to start...and he plays photographer. He dared me to put them on my blog...so, this is for him.
Now, back to your regularly scheduled HOLIDAY HAPPENINGS!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Seasonal Update...

Yes, I have neglected this blog lately. But I feel I have a good reason. My son is home on leave from Iraq and will be heading back on 21, December. We are in the throws of the Christmas Season and I have parties, parades, homecoming celebrations, and shopping to keep us all busy. I figure the "dust" can wait. I cannot get this time back and I am in full MOMMA MODE!
I have another blog that I keep with my "heart thoughts" about my son who is serving our country. You can check it out here Bliss of the Unknown . I hope to be able to have some creative fun this weekend if time allows. Once again, our weekend is bustling with joy and creating memories. I hope you are enjoying the Season of LOVE and Joy and make the memories that last a lifetime to reflect upon.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Memory Explosion...

Yes, I am having flashbacks of memories I have not thought of in years! This is thanks to Jessica Sprague's class of Stories In Hand. So far this week we have compiled our main inspiration into a journal and created a Mini-Blotter Notebook. I am really excited to see what happens with the next week & 1/2 as my memory unfolds. I find that I am reading this wonderful book in great detail and cannot wait to start my journaling process. I love the design of Jessica's papers and the colors are very inviting. I will share a "glimpse" of what I have already created in this wonderful class.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Christmas Classes!

Well, the supply lists are uploaded to Bad Girls and there will be lots and lots of creative CHRISTMAS fun here. If you love fun, creative, and innovative classes that help you scrap out of the box then Bad Girls is the place for you! Go check it out and join in on some creative fun and create something for someone special or yourself. See you there!


Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's the most Wonderful Time of the Year...

The Christmas Spirit is really nipping at my nose. I am finding that I am rummaging through old photos of Christmas' past and it always makes me nostalgic for family and friends that are no longer here on this earth. Traditions play a huge part in our home and I am finding that they are slowly but surely changing in ways to accommodate the ever growing ages of my children as well as myself. One of my favorite traditions is watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I simply love this old photo from the 1950's from the Spirit of the Parade. It officially rings in the Season of Love and Hope. I have noticed as I have started to look into windows and specialty shops that ornaments of the old and new collide with vibrant color and styles that were once a "trendy" season of design are now mixed with the "new trends" of Christmas Decorating. Hues of many colors are coming into play that are not of the "traditional" colors of red, white, gold, and green. But colors of pink, blue, silver, and orange are now becoming colors that will grace mantels and Christmas trees world wide. While I enjoy looking at the new colors and the new trends, I tend to revert to the old that brings up smells, feelings, and glimpses of memories that give me a sense of security and love.
I saw a purple Christmas tree the other day and it was simply stunning. I would have never thought to bring the color purple into Christmas decorating but this tree was magnificent in style and grace. It was refreshing and new. Vibrant in its glory and well appreciated by my eye, My heart longs of Christmas old. I just am not sure if I would see a purple ornamented tree 5 years from now in my home although it was funky and fun. This is what is so wonderful about art and those that find new ways to make a striking statement that can linger as well stimulate ones creative spirit. Yes, it is that time of year and I love that beyond the money and gift giving one thing remains constant in our society are the traditions that are upheld by the average American family. Nostalgic, looking back, or simply embracing the new with the old is what drives us to drag out those cute little crafts that we made as children and remember how we felt when we gave it to the one we love and cherish. The feeling of accomplishment and pride in whatever we make and choose to give helps us to not only reflect but know that each year the season brings us hope for another year.
I am creating lots of wonderful Christmas items this year and hope to share a few with everyone here. But I do know one thing...my heart swells with the content feeling that I made another addition to our ever growing Christmas decoration collection that will be remembered and cherished for years to come.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Fabulous Halloween Fun...

Yes, we had a great time on Halloween. This year was the year my daughter broke the cycle of "cute" on Halloween. She wanted to be something spooky and I think it was really all about the wig. We had a wonderful time and I dressed up at the last minute. These are the layouts I created on Saturday at the all day crop at Archiver's. We had a wonderful time scrapping, eating, and chatting it up.

This layout is of my daughter and myself. We had a good time before the trick-or-treating.

She is simply scary!

It is still FALL and the layout below is when we visited Kinsey Farms for our Halloween Pumpkins and Harvest goodies to decorate the house and front porch. It was a great day of family fun.

Thanks for looking at my latest layouts. I really am getting into the Christmas mood though. I am ready to rid the gold colors of harvest and enter the Red and Green for the Santa Season on its way to our home. Loving this time of year!

Friday, October 31, 2008

"BOO" to YOU!

Yes, it's ALL ABOUT THE CANDY, tonight!

We carved pumpkins yesterday afternoon and today will be filled with Spooky Fun. I cannot wait to scrap the pictures that will be taken this evening. Have a safe and Happy Halloween.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Another addiction coming...

Yes, I feel it coming on. Over at Studio Calico I joined an Artist Trading Card Swap. I signed up for 3 cards that will all be sent internationally. Well, I have never made ATC's before and here are my first 3 creations ever! I think I am truly and dearly addicted to them. They are just so much fun.

These will be mailed to the recipients by October 31, 2008. I cannot wait until I receive mine as well.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

In the mood...

Yes, the Holiday Season has officially hit me! I was going through photographs that for whatever reason were old and neglected and decided to incorporate in the FINAL EXAM over at Bad Girls.

At least now, these photos will get their "look see" at Christmas time when the box is opened for someone inquisitive enough to take the lid off!

The Cosmo Cricket papers married with October Afternoon papers really was fun!

Now, I really must get back to creating!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Breaking the Rules...

I may be expelled from Bad Girls' Top Designer but I am still enjoying the classes. Class #6 this week was about BREAKING all of the RULES of Design. So, I broke them ALL!
I simply had fun with this class and love this layout that I created about me. Once a month...January 2 December...PMS is just one of those things.....JUST LET ME--no comments, please. LOL

Thanks for looking!

Now, GO BREAK SOME RULES and have fun creating and sharing a piece of yourself.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

WOW, time is flying!

This year really has been a blur for me. It has flown by so quickly! I have been painting a great deal lately and sidelining my scrapping. But with this comes the consequence of delaying some projects until the end. Therefore, I am a little behind the "8" ball and will be getting caught up this weekend in between football!

I was "EXPELLED" this past week at Bad Girls and did not make it to round #5. However, I am pleased with the layouts I have created for the classes. I am still participating in the classes as this was my main goal and I plan on sticking with it until the end. Class #5 was based on the Psychology of Color. Simply incorporating neutral colors with the dominant colors within a photo. I chose a colorful photo that I took from a boat this past summer on Perdido Key Bay. I used black and white as my neutrals and kinda "scrapped out of the box" on this one. So, I thought I would share it with you! Thanks for looking and enjoy the weekend!

Christmas is around the corner...I guess I better get busy and start shopping, huh?

Friday, October 3, 2008

Autumn Fun and Altering!

Gosh, I am digging the nip in the air this morning. So much so, that I played in my scrap room at 6:45 AM this morning and these altered bottles and card are my creations. We plan on going to the fair this weekend and I hope I see some new inspiration. I know that I will take plenty of pictures to be sure. Honestly, I have not one idea what I will do with these altered goodies but it sure is darn fun to create!
Gotta LOVE PAPER, huh?

Have a SPOOKTACULAR weekend!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Smashing Pony Party!

Yesterday was my daughter's 6th Birthday! Of course, we celebrated...with her favorite meal of "Mexican" food! However, for her Birthday Party, we celebrated with 14 children, 16 adults, and 2 ponies. We had a grand time of cupcakes, ice cream, balloons, and the ultimate...PONY RIDES!

Today, I scrapped my latest page around the event of Saturday. This page is for the TOP DESIGNER competition over at Bad Girls. So, in keeping with the theme of the photo I chose from my daughter's party I did not go with the "traditional" cowboy accessories. When I think of "Accessories" with a western theme, I naturally think of LEATHER, SILVER, and FILIGREE.

This week's assignment for our class at Bad Girls was all about accessorizing our layouts with embellishments. I did not want to layer with flowers, cowboy boots, and cowboy sayings. I wanted to create the feeling in my layout of what I do think of when I reflect of western themes.

I created the "leather" look by using my Threading Water punch and paper curling ribbon. I also used metal flowers and brads to touch on the "silver" aspect of my embellishment "thinking." Lastly, I achieved the "filigree" by using Art Warehouse's circle die cut kraft cardstock. I cut it so the eye would flow in a triangle fashion to fuse the look of western attire.

I must say, I like this layout. It is not the "typical" Birthday layout with candles and a big number "6" to represent the year of celebration. Simple journaling and a large title that brings your eye to the tag stating "pony party" is perfect for the Birthday Girl's First Ride!

Thanks for looking and I am hoping to make it round #5!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Foo Foo and Over the Top!

Yepper, I really went all out using up some of my scraps to create this miniature Birthday Party hat as a topper to my daughter's presents instead of a traditional bow.
I chose her favorite colors and used lots of glitter on the butterflies. The party will be held outside and of course, I wanted to incorporate lots of color for her birthday fun.
So, here are some peeks to the party hat and gifts I have adorned.

We do not have a particular theme this year.
However, we are going to a farm and all of the children will get to ride ponies!

I plan on making cupcakes and to make things easier...ice cream cups!
Oh yeah, the butterflies...they are a stamp from STUDIO CALICO!

The packages are all different sizes and I used American Crafts Ribbon to add that splash of more color! So, if you are thinking this is gaudy...then you are right.
Sometimes you gotta have a lot going on to make a statement!

I have much more to create for this super fun Birthday Party for my baby girl who will be 6 years old.
Amazing how time flies!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Simple Simon? NO WAY!

Oh yeah, over at Bad Girls the competition is continuing this week with "SIMPLE" designs that assert the quintessential lines of balance and asymmetrical and symmetrical design. GOSH, I just did not know it would be so hard to NOT add more to my layout. I just tell ya, the work in the gallery is truly amazing. I kept my design simple in the fact I told my story through smaller photos of the event of the day. I also kept my handwritten journaling to sum up my thoughts simple as well. I am hopeful that this will help guide me through round #4! But all I can say is, WHEW...this was so HARD for me. I am thankful to the class by Miss Sri Sams for bringing me out of my "scrappy box!"

A Perfect Day with YOU!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


The day of the Falcon's Home Opener my husband and I took MARTA for several reasons. But the main thing for me was to get some photos of the "hidden treasures" of Atlanta. The average tourist or local sometimes may not know what is beneath the streets of Atlanta. There is an entire world of ART that awaits ones eye. I took photos of the art on the wall from the MARTA station platform at 5 Points Station in Atlanta. So, I decided to scrap one of my favorite photos for this week's lesson at Bad Girls. The lesson was all about mixing patterns and color with design principles coming into place.

Well, I am an "out of the box" scrapper and totally got into this class.
My problem was choosing papers to accent the colors within this photo of the wall art.
But, I feel I did pretty well. I am pleased.
Although, I was nervous after uploading it in the Bad Girls Gallery . The talent is unreal this week again! I hope I make the cut to next week as I am really loving the classes and they challenge me greatly.
So, without further ado...here is my entry for this week.


This photo shows the 4 Patterns/Layers I used for this layout

Two more close photos of the paper mixing/layering

Thanks for checking out my latest creation. Gosh, I LOVE PRETTY PAPER!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Layering Perspective

The Layering Perspective
I have not competed in scrapping competitions as of late. I have just been scrapping for the love of the scrap. However, Bad Girls is having an 8 week competition that is in class form. So, I signed up. I signed up to be inspired and gather new techniques. The gallery is already full of wonderful layouts by a variety of scrapbook artists. The first class is on the "Layering Technique" that can be any medium and form as long as there are layers. So, I took the plunge this morning and created my first layout for this competition. So, if you would like to be challenged and would like to gather great inspiration...check out Bad Girls and gander to the gallery for incredible uploads that will sure to get your mojo working! My main concentration was on patterned papers and layering simple with transparent butterflies.

I love these patterned papers by American Crafts. The colors are fabulous.

My overall design was kept simple. I tend to go over board with product on my pages and sometimes a little says a great deal. What is that saying? Less is more? Time tells all stories though...right?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Oh yeah! I had a great mail day yesterday. I received the My Mind's Eye Collections of SPOOKED, and NIGHT LIGHT! With the two Christmas Collections I also received BE MERRY and SNOWED IN!
Okay, I am in heaven with mucho product to just let go and create. How fun!
Well, I created a tag with some scraps from the Cosmo Cricket Collection. So, here you go!

Monday, September 8, 2008

A Frightful Fest

I have been loving all the Halloween goodies on the market. I have more arriving today along with some Christmas themed papers as well. Gotta love it! My newest favorite creation as of late is the this mini-book I created for my daughter. I wanted a durable book that she could flip through and read the poem I wrote her about Halloween. It is a huge hit! She goes through it several times every evening and has been bragging about it to her classmates and I am sure it will make a debut appearance for reading time at school. I plan on making a stop by later this month for mystery reader time.

What is so great about these papers that I still have mounds of scraps and thought I would create some simple cards to send my son. For me, simple is something I am learning but I do really love using lots of goodies on my pages and cards. It is just so much fun.

I plan on scrapping more today. I am really on a roll here lately. Looking forward to the leaves changing soon and I hope we have great color this year. So, go create something fun and give it to someone and brighten their day. There is something special about handmade gifts!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September Brings in the Harvest Season

I had an enormous productive day scrapping on Saturday and it was great fun to see everyone. I completed two mini albums, one layout, and 3 cards! Yes, I have officially started the harvest season of decorating in my home. The mantle is complete and I just cannot stop making some Halloween goodies to put out on my shelving and sofa table. I just think these Martha Stewart wine labels are perfect for just about anything. I plan on making a few layouts and cards with them as well. But here are the bottles I decorated in less than 15 minutes to add that special touch to a Halloween display within our home. You have just got to go get some today! I will upload more goodies later...but for now, BACK TO DECORATING! Oh, so fun.