Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Foo Foo and Over the Top!

Yepper, I really went all out using up some of my scraps to create this miniature Birthday Party hat as a topper to my daughter's presents instead of a traditional bow.
I chose her favorite colors and used lots of glitter on the butterflies. The party will be held outside and of course, I wanted to incorporate lots of color for her birthday fun.
So, here are some peeks to the party hat and gifts I have adorned.

We do not have a particular theme this year.
However, we are going to a farm and all of the children will get to ride ponies!

I plan on making cupcakes and to make things cream cups!
Oh yeah, the butterflies...they are a stamp from STUDIO CALICO!

The packages are all different sizes and I used American Crafts Ribbon to add that splash of more color! So, if you are thinking this is gaudy...then you are right.
Sometimes you gotta have a lot going on to make a statement!

I have much more to create for this super fun Birthday Party for my baby girl who will be 6 years old.
Amazing how time flies!


scrappermimi said...

That is the cutest hat EVER!!!!!

Veronica K. said...

How cute. We are getting ready for a birthday here too.

laurel said...

That's an awesome hat!

Davinie said...

Oh, this is adorable! You need to post it at the gallery at Studio Calico so that everyone can see. It's a great gallery and this would be an awesome addition!

mommy2alex said...

When I read over at SC that you used the butterfly stamp to make a party hat, I was so intruiged, but never imagined what a HUGELY creative hat it would be - oh my, it's gorgeous!! So fun, love it!

Amy said...

Definitely not gaudy. How 'bout GORGEOUS. That's just awesome.

~Melissa~ said...

What little girl wouldn't love that, Kimberly? Just adorable!

Looking forward to seeing the pictures from the big event!

Anabelle said...

That hat is the cutest thing EVER, Kimberly! Wow! What little girl wouldn't LOVE to get it. ;) Can't wait to dig out my butterfly stamp and try it.