Thursday, September 18, 2008


The day of the Falcon's Home Opener my husband and I took MARTA for several reasons. But the main thing for me was to get some photos of the "hidden treasures" of Atlanta. The average tourist or local sometimes may not know what is beneath the streets of Atlanta. There is an entire world of ART that awaits ones eye. I took photos of the art on the wall from the MARTA station platform at 5 Points Station in Atlanta. So, I decided to scrap one of my favorite photos for this week's lesson at Bad Girls. The lesson was all about mixing patterns and color with design principles coming into place.

Well, I am an "out of the box" scrapper and totally got into this class.
My problem was choosing papers to accent the colors within this photo of the wall art.
But, I feel I did pretty well. I am pleased.
Although, I was nervous after uploading it in the Bad Girls Gallery . The talent is unreal this week again! I hope I make the cut to next week as I am really loving the classes and they challenge me greatly.
So, without further is my entry for this week.


This photo shows the 4 Patterns/Layers I used for this layout

Two more close photos of the paper mixing/layering

Thanks for checking out my latest creation. Gosh, I LOVE PRETTY PAPER!

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Mama Tuttle said...

Wow . . .that layout is beautiful. All of the different papers really compliment that terrific picture! I love it!