Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's the most Wonderful Time of the Year...

The Christmas Spirit is really nipping at my nose. I am finding that I am rummaging through old photos of Christmas' past and it always makes me nostalgic for family and friends that are no longer here on this earth. Traditions play a huge part in our home and I am finding that they are slowly but surely changing in ways to accommodate the ever growing ages of my children as well as myself. One of my favorite traditions is watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I simply love this old photo from the 1950's from the Spirit of the Parade. It officially rings in the Season of Love and Hope. I have noticed as I have started to look into windows and specialty shops that ornaments of the old and new collide with vibrant color and styles that were once a "trendy" season of design are now mixed with the "new trends" of Christmas Decorating. Hues of many colors are coming into play that are not of the "traditional" colors of red, white, gold, and green. But colors of pink, blue, silver, and orange are now becoming colors that will grace mantels and Christmas trees world wide. While I enjoy looking at the new colors and the new trends, I tend to revert to the old that brings up smells, feelings, and glimpses of memories that give me a sense of security and love.
I saw a purple Christmas tree the other day and it was simply stunning. I would have never thought to bring the color purple into Christmas decorating but this tree was magnificent in style and grace. It was refreshing and new. Vibrant in its glory and well appreciated by my eye, My heart longs of Christmas old. I just am not sure if I would see a purple ornamented tree 5 years from now in my home although it was funky and fun. This is what is so wonderful about art and those that find new ways to make a striking statement that can linger as well stimulate ones creative spirit. Yes, it is that time of year and I love that beyond the money and gift giving one thing remains constant in our society are the traditions that are upheld by the average American family. Nostalgic, looking back, or simply embracing the new with the old is what drives us to drag out those cute little crafts that we made as children and remember how we felt when we gave it to the one we love and cherish. The feeling of accomplishment and pride in whatever we make and choose to give helps us to not only reflect but know that each year the season brings us hope for another year.
I am creating lots of wonderful Christmas items this year and hope to share a few with everyone here. But I do know one heart swells with the content feeling that I made another addition to our ever growing Christmas decoration collection that will be remembered and cherished for years to come.

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