Saturday, March 19, 2011

Share, Say, Catch a glance!

I have so much to share.  Lots of changes since the beginning of December 2010 for me.  Scratch that, really since August when I started working again full time.  Over the next week, I plan on catching up to the best of my ability and share what has been happening in glimpses.  I love Blogger's little "post options" that enable me to make several posts and they be published on different days.  So without further ado.  I will begin.

In February I went scrapping and since I have not shared any of my creative works in quite awhile, I will share some of the layouts I created that day.  There was left over snow on the ground but it did not stop about 70 of us die hard scrappers.  We were ready to get out and about.  The snow has been something this Winter for sure.  More on that in another post.  For now, I will share some of my works that include my own designs and a great love for Studio Calico Kits.  I enjoy picking up my kits and it allows me to check in on the Foster's and chat a bit with Lori.  As always, I gander in the "behind the scenes, too."  But you could not choke the "in the know" that I get to see once a month.  It is a bit of scrappy heaven for me.

So, you see?  I am still creating.  I am still painting and making cards.  It is just that my schedule has changed and so have some of my priorities and I am working on me.  More on that another time!  I promise to be more diligent in posting and everything is finally falling into place and this year is already promising to be great!

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