Friday, October 23, 2009

Here comes the rain again....

I am sure there is a song about this...."Here comes the rain again..." Today I am heading to the doctor for an all day procedure (infusion) one day these will stop. At least that is my prayer. On a positive note, tonight we are planning to go to the Fall Festival at Bri's school and I am sure we will have a great time. I love this time of year with the leaves turning and the cool breeze in the air, but really? All of this rain? We have not carved our pumpkin because of the rain but I am sure we will do it sometime this weekend. Time changes next weekend and that will be nice, I guess. It means the sun will set earlier and will rise earlier. Right now, we are in the dark in the mornings as Bri gets on the bus. Good thing the bus picks her up right at our driveway. On a more fun note, here are some ideas if you want to keep your Jack-O-Lanterns closed up in order to use the goodies inside for Holiday Baking. They are very cute pumpkins and the pictures were taken at Jackson's Orchard last weekend. I have seen some pumpkins where people have used the Mr. Potato Head pieces and created a face as well. But I think I am old fashioned and I like to light up my pumpkin. So, this year...we may do both. One painted and one lit.
Have a SPOOKTAKULAR Weekend! Only a week or so left for October and then it will be November. Gosh, I need to get my Christmas Shopping started!


Lovin' Life said...

Cute pumpkins! I like the Spiderman!

Good luck today with your infusion (*sigh* I didn't know..!)

I hope it stops raining so you can dry off!!


Shannon Wyman said...

Kimberly I just adore the festive new look of your blog! I hope today goes smoothly, I'll be thinking of you.

JoanneK said...

Awesome pumpkins!
Hope your infusion went well and hopefully you don't have many more?! Feel better soon Kimberly!