Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ready, Okay!

Our weekend was so busy I am just now getting caught up on things around the house and today I plan on scrapping a bit and hanging with B & B. Saturday, Brianna had her first Flag Football Game with the Upward Program. She was a cheerleader for 2 teams. The girls change fields at half time to cheer for another team. It was funny, when the girls took the field to make the tunnel for the players, all of the girls were taller than the boys. She came back and said, "they sure are small to play football, mom." I told her, "yeah, but around 11 or so they grow faster than girls do." I was pretty proud of Brianna. She was the "ready, okay" girl and all of the girls did a great job for their first time cheering in front of a live audience. The wind was howling around 40 mph and gusted higher at times.
It was a great time and we really enjoyed our beautiful Saturday.Explanation of the rules and then they all prayed together.
I loved that.

I really cannot believe it is the 7th of October already. This year is flying in warp speed!
Have a great Hump Day!


Denise said...

Fun! It looks like it was a great time and your daughter looks adorable in her outfit. I love that they cheer for both teams. Nice sportsmanship. :o)

Shannon Wyman said...

Oh Kimberly, she looks so cute in her uniform!! I so wish they had something like that here for Emilee.