Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Chilly Fall Day...

It's a chilly, rainy, wet, soaked, and downright yucky day here in Bowling Green, KY. We have lots planned though. A football game to attend to and then we are heading to Double Dogs to watch the Georgia Bulldogs play today. We cannot get the game. However, if we want to spend $135.00 plus taxes then we can watch it on PPV. What the heck is with that?! So, we will go watch it where it will be played locally. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving for our Canadian neighbors and although we celebrate Thanksgiving at different times and for a different reason, they pretty much have the same dinner that we do here in the "lower 48." So, Happy Thanksgiving Canada! We have purchased 15 mums and we will get them in the ground this morning. They are gorgeous. We got them from a mum farm here and they are huge! We only paid $3.00 for each mum and if we were to buy them in the Atlanta area they would be about $18.00 each. So, it is a "find" for sure. I will be sure to take photos once we put them in the ground and post here. The leaves are starting to show their colors here as well. I give it a week and we will be in full color of Fall. Lots of hardwoods here and not many pines, so it proves to be beautiful for sure.

I will leave you today with a few cards I have made. They are simple but I sure do love the paper and I wanted the patterned paper to be the main design itself. I just could not cover it up!
I will also post 3 little Halloween cards that I threw together to use some of my leftover goodies as well.I

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