Thursday, July 8, 2010

Run On Sentences...

Have you ever come across a blog that has run on sentences, improper grammar usage, and incorrect writing all around? I have. Sometimes it bugs me and then I remember that most people write the way they speak. I think this is how I am really. Sometimes a word is inadvertently spelled incorrect or I have dropped a quotation and the very worst, no punctuation to know if it is indeed a statement or exclamation.

I love to read blogs where people are telling a story or their thoughts in that moment. A reflection of a memory or a list where they are sharing bits and pieces about their life. In this day and time the medium of the Internet is astounding in all of its creativity finds, word lovers, and people who just feel like they have something to say. "A rant" if you will.

Stepping outside the artistic world and reading blogs of people I have no connection or common interest is stimulating. It can also be scary as well. I have read some really weird publications on the Internet. I believe it is a type of freedom that is universal to "share" their story or simply believe they are being, "heard." Especially when they might not have anyone they can physically touch "listen" to them.

I love reading blogs because in general, I do love to read. I am not one of those people that can inhale a book and move on to the next one. I spend time reflecting on the book I just finished. It is a process for me. Kind of like a simmering pot. I read bibliographies and history the most. Of course I have a few fictional authors I enjoy, but overall, in the world of "word" I simply prefer to read about real life. "Fantasy" is just not my thing. Although I do enjoy a good movie.

It's funny about blogging. Anything goes; Whether it is politically correct, written well, or just a simple list.

Quite frankly, it has replaced the "People" magazine I used to buy when the cover struck me as interesting.

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