Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

I no longer have a mother or grandmother to spoil on Mother's Day, but this year...
I was spoiled all weekend long.  
To begin with, 
Brian took me out to eat Friday night at a new place in town call ON THE BONE Chop House!
We had a wonderful appetizer with cocktails followed by pork and steak.  I had the ribeye and it was simply wonderful.  The potato was amazing.  It was light and airy and had a very delicate taste.  The steak was cooked perfectly and very tender.    I really enjoyed the homemade dressing as well with my very fresh  salad.  Portions are generous and we were more than satisfied.
 Yepper, we took home left overs, too!

View from the patio dining area.

Grilled Prawns and a homemade garlic cream cheese butter.  TO DIE FOR!

We will be back for sure.  The patio dining area was very nice and the evening was perfect and very little humidity which made the evening a little crisp and reminded us that summer is just around the corner.
Our server, "Cat" was delightful young lady and treated us as royalty.  We will be back.

Saturday was time spent at the local farmer's market gathering wonderful goodies to go with our "meat" filled meals for the week. 
 We also groomed our yards in time for a good soaking rain
 which began overnight.  
Homemade EVERYTHING ORGANIC from the Farmer's Market Pico De' Gallo

My Mother's Day morning with Brianna who showered me with gifts and homemade cards.

Kaleb and I at the Nashville Airport waiting on Zachary to land from Denver, Colorado.

Zachary and Kaleb waiting on the luggage to hit the baggage claim #5.  BROTHERS

MOM (me) and my first born, Zachary!  A fabulous Mother's Day!
 Zachary got off the plane carrying a dozen sterling roses that are out of this world gorgeous.
His flight arrived and we finally embraced at 11:30 PM EST on Mother's Day.

Yes, this was the most perfect MOTHER'S DAY EVER!


Kulwant Singh said...

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Kulwant Singh said...

Nice blog and posts .
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Eddie Ross said...

So sweet. Happy belated Mother's Day.
Hope you're having another great holiday weekend.
xo E + J