Thursday, May 3, 2012

Creative Time, Photos, & Documentation

I have been in my studio a bit this week preparing it for my son, Zachary who will be here from Colorado on Saturday.  Carpet is cleaned and the bed linens on the double bed cleaned and of course...the big screen TV set up in the corner for his pleasure while here.  I told him he would have to share "MY" space.  He said, "Cool, I love your studio."  Yeah, we shall see if he enjoys it when I am in it at 7:00 AM.  I may wait until 8:00 AM.  My stereo, desktop, cameras, and all of my creative goodies are in this room.  
It will be great to have him home again.

Easter 2012
 This layout which is a 6" x 12" layout, has one of my new favorite pictures of Kaleb and I.  

Movie Date
The above layout photo was taken in our car after going to see Titanic in 3-D on the 100th Anniversary of its sinking.  As you can see, Brian and I were trying to document a date for my journal.  But Brianna was a bit jealous and kept trying to get into the photo.  We just chuckled.  We take her everywhere we go.

This photo I have printed and framed.
I think Brianna feels better now.
Still, I just cannot keep from giggling.

She is truly a "Daddy's Girl!"

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