Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day...I remember, too as an Army Brat

Throughout the past years I have shared many Memorial Day memories of those within my family that have served/died/continue to serve and retired as military.  So, today...this Memorial Day...I am just going to share a tidbit of a memory of an Army Brat during a time within our nation where "CONFLICT and WAR" were synonymous to those fighting and "we" who loved those who fought for democracy.

Vietnam Era:
Pages from my mother's Okinawa, Japan photo album.
My step-father served during the Vietnam time and this is a photo of his locker while he was on tour.
Pictures of my youngest brother Matthew and step-brother Phillip are proudly displayed.  Cir. 1970.
SSG Sylvester Buddy Ellis-locker 

While my step-father was stationed in Okinawa- we came shortly thereafter and lived on the economy waiting for housing on base.  We lived on Mashinato and my father worked at Naha.
The picture below is me riding a horse.  An Okinawan man used to come by in the late afternoons and for $0.10 cents one could get an escorted ride on his horse.  I loved it.
May 1971-Okinawa, Japan
Shortly after this picture was taken, we finally moved on base and the below picture is with our maid Toshiko and my little brother Matthew.
I still have this kimono.
June 1971- Kimberly, Matthew, & Toshiko- Okinawa, Japan
My first day of school in Okinawa, Japan.  Going into first grade and we had to walk or ride our bikes to school.  I remember this day very well.  This picture was in front of our home.  I remember no air conditioning and lizards everywhere.  They were supposed to be good luck.  We lived at the base of Haboo/Habu Hill.
September 1971- Kimberly- Okinawa, Japan-First Day of First Grade

I would not change a thing in my life about being an Army Brat.  I had an education that only many dare to dream of having.  Growing up in the military may be tough but in the long run...we military brats can handle a great deal more than the "average kid" that grew up on the same street most of their lives.

So, I say "THANK YOU DAD" for taking us around the world with you...when you could.

Today, I remember...I remember well.

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