Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Loving...having some fun!

Wow, this summer is simply flying by and we are keeping very busy with lots of family, food, fun, and of course...soaking in some rays.  I have so much to catch everyone up with that I just believe I will start in the middle with glimpses.  I have been creating but I have not finished two paintings that I am working on. 
 I have not taken the time to scrap or any other mixed media...I am simply concentrating on MAKING the MEMORIES that I can document when school is back in session. 
 Of which, by the way, is just one month away.  WOW!
So, to at least get something on my blog are some glimpses...
MamMa Bea...she wore these Coca-Cola Pants every 4th of July

 I dug through an old scrapbook from 2005- (the year I began scrapbooking) and pulled out this page to display in my kitchen.  Just a reminder of wonderful Fourth of July past events that were tradition.

New Baker's Rack for kitchen with side table to match.
 I find myself really in love with dark woods and metal/iron.  So, I am revamping a bit. 
 I started in the kitchen.

GLEE REVIEW at W.K.U Van Meter Hall/Auditorium
 Brianna was on the BIG stage for an entire week which ended with a fabulous show.  We enjoyed ourselves greatly and she has been bitten by the MUSIC THEATRE/ACTING Bug.

New Towel  Rack/Signage
 So, I painted the small bathroom and made it more masculine.  Studio Gray Valspar paint and a few goodies from a local store (door knobs) and I had Brian put them on stained wood to be used for towel hanging.
I decided I liked the silver/nickel color of the screws he used as the other colors in the bathroom are nickel and silver.  It looks great!
Hand Towel Rack
 I had Brian do the same thing for the towel rack in the bathroom.  I like that the board is complementary to the other fixtures in the bathroom and it helps keep moisture from the towel away from the wall.  

Emily and Zachary
 Well....what can I say?  Zachary has found him a new girlfriend.  She is from Texas and moved to Kentucky recently.  They seem to be getting along great.

Stephen and Katie at the water park
Stephen and Katie on the Fourth of July
Stephen and Katie came up from Atlanta for the week of the Fourth of July.  We crammed lots of celebration in just 3 days and we really had a great time.  Nothing like visiting "the parents" while it is 105 degrees and 95% humidity.  Still, we had a great time.  

Now, the NEW NUMBER!

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S.Wyman said...

Sounds like you are having a fabulous summer Kimberly! Summer vacay has just started here for us!
And congratulations on your new number!!