Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Good Time!

Last Saturday night we went and listened to music at Lost River Cave.
Lost River is a really cool cave opening where "back in the day,"
 and I mean a long time in the 1930's or so...people used to come to the cave/nightclub for natural air-conditioning, cocktails, music, and dancing.
So, we joined the ghosts of the spirits in the cave and listened to several bands.
Had a few cocktails and lots of smiling.
Most importantly, the event was to raise funding to build an outdoor classroom for natural sciences for children in our area and those who visit the cave.
Again, it was a "cool" good time.
Opening of the cave with additional seating

Lost River Cave
Main event area in cave.  Old Nightclub.

Nightclub Bar

Nightclub Event Area

Band Area/Nightclub Event Area


A Cool 57 Degrees inside the cave

If I remember correctly, Black Cat Cadillac Band-  They were awesome!

Center of the nightclub-chandelier

Fog coming in off the river as dusk begins
So, yes...this was a fun night and I hope it becomes an annual event.

So, there you go...

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