Sunday, July 8, 2012

Self-Portraits...embracing the lens.

You know what happens when one loses a great deal of weight?  The camera is a new friend.  Well, at least for me anyway.  I enjoy seeing the changes on a monthly basis and I am now incorporated in my memory keeping as "part" of the story rather than just the "storyteller."  We as storytelling scrappers hardly embrace ourselves within our photography.  But for me, this is going to change.  I know this because when searching for pictures of my mother...they were few and far between.  Not many exist and it is rather sad really.  So, I plan on changing this for my family and my storytelling.  I am important, too.

Embrace the lens.  A giggle is good, too.

Robin and I at Bob Trauger's Retirement Party

Carla and I at Bob Trauger's Retirement Party

Brian and I at Bob Trauger's Retirement Party

Brianna and I in the car headed home after swimming all morning

Me...after a weigh in

Brian and I at the Hot Rods Game



Brianna and I right before her performance at the Phoenix Theatre

In the car in my Orange Crush shirt...No, I am not mad-just did not smile

Brianna and I in our Fourth of July attire (shirts)  No MAKE UP DAY!
So, you see?  It is not selfish or egotistical to take self-portraits.  
It simply makes one part of the memory and the story.  It says,  "I WAS HERE, TOO!"
They do not have to be perfect or always in focus.  They do not always have to have you looking your best.
They simply are proof that you had just as much part of the memory as everyone else that was there.
So, go ahead...SNAPSHOT yourself into the memory, too!



Wrightboysmum said...

Great photos and a really good point for us to remember. I'm a bit of a behind the camera mum most of the time.

Lilith Eeckels said...

Those are so cool. I should do that more often.