Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wow, moments!

I am having a lot of these lately, the "Wow, moments!"  You know those snippets in time that take you back years ago and even a few decades?  That is how I felt when I heard the news of Whitney Houston's death.  I remember driving my VW Bug at the University of Georgia and listening to her first album (cassette tape) on my Walk-Man (because I had only AM Radio) as I drove to whatever activity I was involved in.  I remember when she blazed onto the scene and she and Madonna were in just about every category together for a Grammy.  Today, is the Grammy's.  I will be watching because I have a new favorite, Adele.  But now, I will be watching as this news is hair raising at minimum and to hear that the blessed voice as Whitney had is no longer to be heard in person anymore.  Only by recording.  Kind of like photography for others.  That moment in time when there are AHA Moments, Hair Raising, Spine Tingling, and I think I Pee-d in my Pants Laughter Moments.  This is when going back through old photographs is so much fun.  The nostalgia can be overwhelming but the memory of that space in time, encompassing.  Too boot, there is a song that can take you back to that time as well.  For me, some of Whitney Houston's songs do this in a great big way.  Huge.  Giant. Great!

So, now that I have put my heart on a little sleeve of the day...I will leave you with a memory that was a few years ago.  I wonder how many photographers or memory keepers think to grab their camera when one of their children are simply NOT GETTING THEIR WAY?  I did.  I remember that day.  It made Brianna more angry and cry more when I took her photo.  Now, I giggle when I see the pictures and I just have to share them with you.

It's the Mom Way!

I plan on watching the Grammy's tonight.  
"And I will always love you,"  Whitney! 

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Margrethe said...

These are amazing... And you made the hairs on my arms rise with your thoughts on those moments.