Sunday, February 5, 2012

This and That Chat...

Well, I am thankful that Brianna is feeling better. 
She looks a bit weak but 
I think she is working through the "ickies" as 
she is not one that complains very much when she feels badly. 
She slept most of Thursday and Friday and
I believe her body was healing from whatever bug she acquired.
University of Southern Alabama vs. Western Kentucky University

 Last evening, Brianna was an honorary "TOPPERETTE"
at WKU (Western Kentucky University)

She did really well.  The half-time show was super. 
All I can say is that Kentucky people take their basketball
very seriously like we who are from the Southeast take our football. NO DOUBT!
Did I mention that the WKU Swim Team stands for the entire game in their SPEEDO'S?
Uhhh, yeah, they do!
 They were tied at half-time when
WKU came out on top with a 75 to 66 win.

But, I still cannot find it within myself wear WKU attire.
  I still wear my UGA shirts, sweatshirts, and hats at all of the WKU games.
You can take the GIRL out of GAWGA
but not take GAWGA out of the GIRL!

Stormy warmer weather Sunday here.
Feels like early Spring.

Have a great SUNDAY!

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