Monday, February 13, 2012

Lotus Rayne

Okay, it's official...I love this name.  So uniquely hers and it FITS!  No doubt about it.  Her family calls her Rayne and she is a LOVE!  She has the cutest smile and she is very attached to her POMM.  This is her "grandmother."  She calls her POMM.  I received the picture in a Christmas Card and I knew I would scrap it.  I was just waiting until I had a design in mind to include her name.  I love this layout.
Lotus Rayne

I am trying to scrap pictures that I have printed for this purpose and 
I think I am finally getting them completed.
Here is another "mother advise" layout to my son, Zachary.
I really enjoy scrapping in the 6" x 12" size.  It is perfect for scraps.
It's Monday and snow is to be on its way.  
The trucks are putting out salt mixture on the roads in preparation.
So, maybe I will have some snow photos tomorrow..."here's hoping."

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Valerie Durham said...

Love that 6X12 page! It really makes your picture pop.