Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine Party...

Yesterday I was busy making little gift bags for Brianna and everyone in her classroom for their Valentine Party today.  I have never figured out why "now a days" (dating myself again) schools cannot just celebrate the day of whatever special occasion it is on the day it is actually intended.  I mean they have the party at the end of the day anyway.  So, what is the difference if it is Friday or Tuesday or Thursday?  
I just know that Brianna gets excited about these little parties.  
The higher the grade she is in it seems the parties are more controlled.
Micro-managed, structured, strict guidelines, or is it just me?  
Either case, back in my day...we made Valentines and always something attached to our desk so receive our goodies and cards from classmates.  
I kept the bags simple but still put each the name of each child on a tag
and attached to their bag with their initial. 
For the teacher, I put her last name initial and her first name on the tag.  Can you pick it out?
Valentine Bags

25 Bags Total
I hope the children have a great time and enjoy the rush of sugar!
Have a Great Weekend.

What will you be doing for Valentine's Day?


Cassi said...

what a big project, i'm sure the recipients will love it!

ginny said...

what a great idea!! my daughter isn't even having a valentine's party, it is a "friendship" party. I guess I am old school too, just call it what it is! haha

eddieross said...

These bags are so cute! I'm sure everyone will love them! Happy early Valentines.
xo E + J