Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love is in the Air....

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th. My husband loves the number 13. He loves prime numbers as he was born on prime dates and he sees the number "13" as lucky where as most people see the number in a negative light.
I wanted to give my husband something to take with him to work on Friday the 13th that declares my love for him in a "scrappy way." Plus, it is the day before St. Valentine's Day and this is just my simple way of showing him that I love him. He is not the "rose and candy" kinda guy by any means. Home center store card and some wood and he is ready to go!

My husband is my best friend and there is no-one that I would rather laugh with and share great joy in this life as we both have chosen to follow, one.

Thanks for looking and have a fantabulous FRIDAY the 13th! Go Create!

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