Monday, April 13, 2009

It's Monday...

The Bunny Loot!
The "aftermath" of a fabulous weekend with loved ones is the "cleanup" process. While I kept the kitchen clean and "stuff" picked can definitely see the residue of having a full house. But, it is the small price to pay for making memories! The Easter Bunny once again graced us with his presence this year.
Brianna had a big week to begin with and it ended on a great and glorious Sunday.
So, here are a few photo shots of some fun.

I love old dolls and Brianna has taken up the same passion for them. Raggedy Ann and Andy now live in her room and they are just adorable. I love the tea dyed material they were made with and there is something about a "red" headed yarn doll that takes me back to my youth.

Plans are in motion and the moving company is sending their representative tomorrow to access the packing and time they will need to move our things to Bowling Green, Kentucky. I have anxiety about finding a new home but I know it will all work out. One thing is for certain, I have mounds of photos and have the creative itch to scrap. I plan on hanging out in my art room for a few hours today as the rain falls this Spring Monday.


lisadickinson said...

go scrap girly! it sounds like perfect weather for it! (and good luck with the move!)

Rita said...

I'm itchin' to scrap too! Glad you had a good Easter weekend!

Shannon Wyman said...

I just love those dolls! It's funny how my tastes changed so much from say 10 years ago to now. I appreciate things differently now.