Sunday, May 17, 2009

I have not scrapped this week, GASP!

We have had a pretty busy week with year end school fun amidst the selling of our house. So, this morning I wanted to scrap some older photos and ran across a few that make me smile and thought I would share them today. I answered a question this morning on one of my favorite scrappy boards about whether I am a country girl or city girl. That is really tough to answer for me. All of my artsy side says that I am a city girl. The theatre, museums, and culture that my city of Atlanta has is enormous. We have many historical sites and great shopping but then I looked at where I have historically lived in place of a larger city. And I would have to say it is the country. But I believe I enjoy the option of not driving too far to a larger city to absorb the culture that it has to give. So, maybe I am a "fence" rider. Not really sure. One thing for sure. I will miss the events and culture that my city of Atlanta has for the world to enjoy.

My son Stephen, shown with both thumbs up and sunglasses on is completing his 3rd year in college and playing baseball for Oglethorpe University. He is definitely a city boy with country strings attached. He is moving into his own apartment and thinking about his future. It seems he will seek his Master's before entering the real world for good. He is the president of his fraternity and and has that "good ole' boy" charm for the ladies. We do not see much of him but we love him just the same. We are very proud of his accomplishments. He does not like for me to scrap him for my books. But when I do, I just scrap them and place them in the book and one day he will appreciate them I am certain. We hear from Zachary at Fort Hood throughout the week and he is embarking on his new duty station of Fort Carson, Colorado. He should be there by July 26th of this summer. I think he will enjoy Colorado as they have activities that Zachary truly loves. He is a "country" boy for sure. He loves a smaller town and the pace of a smaller town. Although, he will travel for weekend fun of the city. Not for museums mind you, but for sporting events and concerts. His future is the impending tour of Afghanistan in 2010.

My son Kaleb is definitely a "country" boy. But he prefers the Northeast Georgia Mountains. He is an avid outdoors man and trout fishing and hunting are his hobbies. He graduates in about 12 days from high school and his truck is something he is always working on. He loves mechanics, welding, and old rock and roll. He enjoys gardening and works a job to keep fuel and insurance for his truck. He is not sure what his future has in store and has been toying with the idea of enlisting with one of our Armed Forces. So, I think he will soon make a decision to either enter into a trade school or protect our country while being educated in something he enjoys such as mechanics. He truly is "over" the school thing right now.
Our "other" Zac is the enigma of our family. He is extremely smart and does very well in school. He enjoys his electric guitar and pretty much stays to himself. I really am not sure if he is a country boy or city boy. He keeps his curly hair very long in which we have pleaded for him to cut. We often refer to him as Rob Zombie. He is not into my scrapbooking pages much either. But when I scrap him I show them to him and then he likes them. But he is really camera shy. He is 17.5 and is currently picking and choosing universities he would like to attend when he graduates from high school next year. He has a great passion for music and enjoys the computer. He loves comedy and is very laid back. He does not get in a rush or feel urgent about anything. Like I said, he is our enigma. We are not sure if he is a "country" boy or a city boy. I would venture he will be city when he is finally on his own. He is into the Goth thing...maybe this is a phase? Time tells all stories. People often ask me about my boys and here they are. We are blended, yes this is true. Stephen and Lil' Zac are my step-sons and I love them just the same as I love Zachary and Kaleb. We have all been together for almost 11 years and I have watched them grow from silly boys to wonderful young men. They are all different in so many ways and yet the same. They are all going their separate ways in life as it should be. I wish them all the greatest success that this life has to bring. So, with this said, are you a COUNTRY person or a City person?


Kelli said...

We live in a medium sized city, I think the largest between Vancouver and Calgary, but I could be wrong. We are in the suburbs, in city limits, but not right in the city of Kelowna, definately not the country. I would prefer to life farther out, but money, time, and convenience have come first.

Shannon Wyman said...

Kimberly I loved reading about all your sons. The love and pride you have for them is obvious.

As for me.. I am most certainly a country girl. I grew up in the country, lived in the city as a teenager/young adult, and then moved back to the country again. I know the country is where I belong, and is where I feel truly at home.