Sunday, November 15, 2009

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade...

Thanksgiving Day is Coming!
(along with Santa!)

Yes, this is on my BUCKET LIST! I love the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The crowd, the decorations, the balloons, the singing, the floats, and mostly....Santa Coming to Town! I want to be among the few that get to the parade route around 3 AM with a hot thermos full of coffee and a warm wool blanket as the road is closed and the buzz of excitement begin. I have always watched the parade from the viewing pleasure of our home wherever we lived. The exceptions would be when we were in other countries when I was a child. Tradition in my family is orange julius, orange cinnamon rolls, and the smells coming from the kitchen as the Turkey is roasting. Silly I know, but this is on my TO DO list. I did live in New York for a short semester/quarter while I attended Juilliard. I simply think the traditions of the "official start" to the Christmas Season begins with this parade. I feel like a little girl when I watch it and I have memories that flash throughout my mind in remembrance of my mother and she in the kitchen and running into the living room when one of us kids would say, "come and look!" Now, we have DVR! I think my mother would have liked that.

So, I do believe in the spirit of the season~crowds and all. I think in every lifetime that one must see the parade in person just to feel the energy and creativity that it takes to create such a festive and memorable day.I am indeed excited to see the parade once again this year. It simply cannot come soon enough.
*Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade photos courtesy of FLICKR and the artists that posted them*


Sasha said...

I always am stuck to the tube during those parades ..

Anabelle said...

I've always wanted to go there, too. What a wonderful experience that would be. Hope you make it there! Love yournew avatar BTW!!!