Monday, December 21, 2009

O' Little Town Bethlehem...

Bethlehem is where we went a week ago. Yes, here in Bowling Green we entered the town of Bethlehem to be counted in the Census and pay our taxes. Yes, even we "Gentiles" were counted and in the town was a buzz about a baby being born a few nights prior to our arrival. As we made our way through the streets and merchants we could feel the energy of LIFE! A renewal of Hope, Love, and Celebration. They told us a King had just been born. We were anxious to sign our names, pay taxes, and listen to the telling and showing of all of the traditions that have been passed from generation to generation and then finally have the incredible moment of meeting the baby that was born in a stable where he was being watched over by a shepherd boy and his flock. The baby lain in a manger and though it seemed his parents were of medial means their hearts lit up with joy. There was hope and love in the stable that we never felt before. It was and is an experience that all should share and take part in.

Below you will see our Bethlehem experience where a local church transformed their fellowship hall into Bethlehem. They were all in character and made us feel like we belonged even though we were just visitors. I think that is the greatest message of all really. There are no visitors. For the Birth of our Savior is much to be celebrated and adored.
This was more than just a Live Nativity. It was more than just knowing the story before entering. It was more than countless people coming together in a community to spend an evening of story telling. It was truth revealed in our modern day world. For one hour, we were taken to the place where our Lord was born.
For one hour, we were blessed with the re-telling of a remarkable miracle.
For Unto Us A Child Is Born.

This is a night that will enter into our yearly traditions
in celebrating the Birth of Jesus the Christ Child.

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