Saturday, November 20, 2010

It is that Magical Time of the year, again.

My heart is full of joy.  This year, my present for Christmas is ALL of our family together at Christmas time since 2004!  This will be the first Christmas that Zachary has been with us since 2006.  Tours of Duty overseas and stationed all around the United States...he is trekking home for the holidays.  He arrives on the 20th and Stephen and Lil' Z will be here on Christmas Eve to stay the whole weekend of Christmas.  How exciting is this to me?  I am over the moon with JOY!

With this said, YES, I have already decorated the house as my time is limited on the weekends with many Seasonal happenings and shopping.  The hustle and bustle has already begun.  We have had a busy November.  We had to head South to Atlanta for a "Celebration of Life."  I lost a special sister-in-law to cancer early in the  month.  It has been hard on several members of our family.  But I know that time will heal the hurt and good memories will remain.

Celebrations of babies being born has been a great highlight.  Impending births as well keep me shopping for those special gifts to give as new mommy's and daddy's begin the path of ultimate joy and unconditional love.

So, yes.  This is a time of magic.  A time to celebrate and be thankful for all of those wonderful people in our lives.  I gather great solace and joy in knowing life is wonderful and every moment is a time to embrace and live fully.

I am still creating.  I just to do not upload most of my creations anymore.  They are becoming very personal and are gifts as well for many people in my life.  But I promise to share stories and my day to day scrapping as my time allows.  So, it is with this thought..."Take time to make the memories."  It is truly the greatest gift to give and share with others.  Your time.

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