Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Pattern is Emerging-the Book Hangover

Okay, so I read the 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy. 
Then I read,
Book Hangover Bared to You
I am currently waiting the sequel that will be released on October 2.
So, in the meantime...
As in...
started this past Sunday...
I read these two.

Book Hangover

Book Hangover
I completed the second book this morning.
Great love story.

I am shocked at myself actually.
I never would have thought that I would have read such (what is the word)
EROTICA in a fiction sense.  
I am the one who reads about history, bibliography, and auto-biographical books.

But I am truly finding that I am having what one would call..."book hangover."
It is kind of weird.  Is it my age?  Not really sure.
But with this past series, I am finding that I want to re-read a great deal of Dante' 
and I want to go back and "re-study" art classics and find myself reading (online that is)
interpretations of many academia in their prose to unwrap the meanings behind "said art work."

Yes, I am hooked.
When I was much younger it was the Harlequin Romance thing.  
I remember many people were engrossed in reading those little paperbacks.  You could buy them at the checkout at your local grocery market.
Is this the same thing?
Yes, I feel guilty.
But I so enjoy leaving this moment in time and go to where the words lead me.
One's imagination is and can be a beautiful thing.

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