Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I know..."Where have I been?"

We have just had a crazy summer.  Summer camps, vacation, and preparing for my son's wedding.  He and his wife were married on August 10th.  It was a great evening.  Shortly thereafter, I had major surgery and I am still recovering but getting my strength back and ready for some Fall scrapping.

I am excited to be going with a group of friends in a few weeks for nothing but scrapbooking.  Our Fall is pretty booked with all of Brianna's activities and house projects for me.  
Football of course, dominates our weekends right now.  

I hope to be more active blogging once I get my new schedule under wraps.

Until next time, here are a few layouts I have recently completed.

See you next time and until then, enjoy the last few days of SUMMER!

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Kimberly Kett said...

Love the layouts! So fun and colourful!