Friday, November 13, 2015

Wishing, I were there...

This is the first Fall since moving to Kentucky that I have not gone on a Scrapbooking Retreat.
Makes me kind of sad, really.  But we are planning on a retreat for Winter.  I plan on retreat for Spring as well.  I love and need those special moments away to be creative, silly, and have lots of girl talk and shopping at 1:00 AM and riding the rascal around the store.
Truly, this is the best time to go shopping.  No one is out and about.
So, this weekend I plan on doing some Christmas shopping and start my decorating.
I want to get back in my studio and make some special items for family.
This is my favorite time during the Holiday Season.
Thanksgiving and lots of love.
November is a month of great loss for our family and
 I like to remember and glimpse back at the memories that have made it to my pages. 
Those with us, those that have left us for a higher place, and those that are miles away. 
 I love you all.  You are NEVER forgotten.
You live within my scrapbooks.
Here are a few of my latest additions.

Hard to believe the two layouts above are from last year this weekend!

Tomorrow, Georgia will be at Auburn.

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