Saturday, June 20, 2009

Just get me through today....

I am procrastinating this morning. I have so much to do before the service when we celebrate the life of my grandmother. It will be a small gathering I am sure. My grandmother outlived most of her friends and well...I simply want the service to be over. Is that cruel? Insensitive? I just do not like dealing with the pain I guess. It proves to be an especially hot day and part of the service is at graveside. I have been receiving letters, cards, and small gifts from family and friends. These are easy to deal with in a "thankful" kind of way. I just never know what to say when I am at the church and people come up to me. I am the one that usually has words for everything...but at these times I seem to go blank. I just want to attend and be invisible. I do not want to be comforted or held. I just want to grieve without all the protocol. So, is befitting to simply post a few of my favorite pictures of my grandmother.

Sweet Dreams

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Shannon Wyman said...

Oh my gosh Kimberly, you look so much like her!! What a beautiful lady ;) Thank-you for sharing some pictures of her with us.