Monday, June 29, 2009

Nostalgic and that possible?

Well, we have found a home in Bowling Green, KY. We have an address, all utilities, and a new phone number. It is a nice home in a nice neighborhood. We are excited for the change but my mind is racing back to memories here in Georgia and as time dwindles heart aches. I have mounds of ideas for decorating our new home. We plan on purchasing several new furniture pieces and plus I have a LOFT SCRAPROOM (a room with a huge skylight) to design as well. I am stoked about that for sure. My son, Zachary who is heading to Fort Carson will be taking a stay with us before he signs in in Colorado with his Fiancee. Yes, you read right. Zachary is engaged and their impending marriage is scheduled for July 11, 2011. The wedding will be in Oklahoma. If he gets orders to deploy to Afghanistan before their date, the wedding will be moved up to accommodate the vows. Zachary will fly into Nashville on the 19th of July with "girl in tow" and we plan on having a great time. I am thrilled for the both of them and I really like the little lady he has chosen to spend his life with and build a family. Zachary really is a "family" man. Gosh, I will be a mother-in-law. Seems strange to say but I am truly looking forward to adding to our family.

Brianna has been taking photos all day with a point and shoot and the last time I checked she had taken over 200 pictures. She keeps asking me to upload them. I think I will wait it out at least a day or two. She says she is "taking pictures of things to remember about Georgia." She plans on making her own scrapbook of her photos. This will be a great project in Kentucky after we get settled and wrap up the summer before school starts the first week in August.

Well, I have so much to do this week and I sure do plan on scrapping all day tomorrow before the movers come and my "scrappy" is packed up. I just wanted to update my blog and know that I am not going anywhere here online and will keep in touch with all of my YA YA's in Georgia and I hope to meet some new YA YA's in Kentucky.

Stay cool and keep creating!


sherbear said...

Im glad you found a home and will wish you all the best!
Congrats to Zackary. They make such a CUTE couple!!
You will have to stay current on your blog so i can keep up with ya.

Shannon Wyman said...

Congratulations on your sons engagement!! You've been on such a roller coaster lately.. hopefully things will all settle down for you soon, ((hugs)).