Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Balloon Dissension

I did not go scrapping all day yesterday as originally planned. My daughter had a fever all day. However, there were some bright light toward the end of the day. Here in Bowling Green, there was a Hot Air Balloon Festival and there were many balloons flying over head toward the end of Saturday. The winds had picked up and the balloons left the festival a little early. It was around 6:oo PM and we were getting ready to watch the Georgia Bulldogs on television when out our back windows we saw the conversion of high flying hot air balloons rise from the air port area and head our way. Little did we know we were in for a real treat. The balloons were flying to our subdivision to set down and be packed away. We have fields between our houses that were once going to be a golf course when the original building began. The golf course was never designed and the fields have now become community property. Well, this is the perfect site for the balloons to to land after there short flight. It was a very exciting sight to see them come over our homes and then barely miss roof tops by literally 10 feet and set down in the open fields. I quickly gathered my camera and took over 150 shots of these magnificent man made flying machines. In all we counted 21 in the sky and from what we could tell, there were at least 15 that landed within our neighborhood. This is one event that will get your neighbors out of their homes for sure. We were very lucky that in the back of our house and only 40 feet from our back door, two balloons let down and we watched as the process of the balloon collapsing preparing the balloon for it to be packed away for another day. We were pretty nervous as the balloons continued to come into our neighborhood and relieved that no person or home was hurt in this process. This post is heavy with photos, but I want you to see just a little bit of what we saw as the colors flew into our neighborhood on a Saturday evening.
Well, these are just a small percentage of the photos I took. I have several of the 2 balloons that landed within our backyard. I have shots where the other balloons landed throughout our neighborhood. It was an awesome sight to see and for a small piece of time, neighbors talked with one another and we realized our neighborhood is pretty blessed to have been an active part in witnessing these wonderful colors as they were laid to rest after an event.


Sarah said...

Beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing!

Elisa said...

Great photos! & congratulations on your first Etsy sale!