Tuesday, September 8, 2009

She's Got the Look!

My daughter came out of her room this morning and said, "See Mom, I can dress myself!" The precursor to this is that I usually put her outfits together for her and she gets dressed for her day of learning. But now, she has told me..."I have a special fashion sense, Mom!" So, this is the outfit she put together for school today. I could not resist in my chuckle with those HOT PINK shoes of hers. So, what is a scrappy mom to do? Take a picture of course. She brushed her curly hair and always complaining she wants it straight. She has almost mastered blow drying straight as I do mine. She is quite the character at times and this is when I simply must choose my battles and let her feel that great since of "I did it my way" feeling. The mornings are brisk here but this morning was a little on the humid side. I love that the bus picks her up right in front of our house and this will prove to be wonderful when it is coat weather and staying toasty at the door right as the bus pulls up. Brianna starts cheering this week. She is cheering for a local Upward Football team and she will enjoy meeting new friends and getting connected with kids her age and creating a bond that will last a lifetime. This is something I never had growing up as I was an Army Brat. Constantly moving and learning my way in each school, neighborhood and community we lived in. Brianna seems to be adjusting to our move easily as kids really are resilient in nature. They will always be happy when they feel safe and secure with their family. I just cannot get over that in less than a month she will be 7. So far this year she has been placed into the 2 Grade Math and attends a 2nd grade room for 1 hour a day to learn what the 2nd graders are learning. Last week she was placed in the accelerated reading program and is on the 3rd grade level. She is so smart and I hope she continues to love school as much as she loves it now. She is really in love with her teacher. Her teacher used to cheer for the University of Tennessee Volunteers. Brianna says, her ring tone is ROCKY TOP. Well, that was just too much information for me. ***insert chuckle*** I am a Georgia BullDAWG and I am very loyal to my Alma Mater. One good thing though, Brianna's school mascot is the Bulldogs. So, this we love greatly. I think Brianna has her own special artsy style and I love that she is very confident in her choice of style. She does not worry about what others think too much. I hope she stands strong in her individuality and know that it takes all kinds of wonderful people to make up our world and we all cannot look, dress, or feel the same way. How boring would that be?
Hot Pink and Green are for today and I am thinking that this week will be a grand one indeed!


miacaniza said...

OMGosh! Kimberly! She's sooo cute! Love her independence! Hope she has an awesome first day of school!

meluv2scrap said...

She is just too cute with those knee socks on!! Love it! Great blog!

Shannon Wyman said...

I think Brianna did a smash up job at picking out her own wardrobe!

Pattie said...

I love her style! She definitely knows what she is doing!

And way to choose a shoe to make the whole outfit pop!