Sunday, January 31, 2010

Someone once told us...

... that Bowling Green's weather is pretty much the same as the Atlanta area. Ummmmmm, I am thinking they were wrong or this Winter is exceptional. We are waking up to a balmy 4 degrees F this morning and the high is to reach 30 degrees F. We received 7" of snowfall in our neighborhood. We are just outside the Bowling Green city limits and our neighborhood is quiet. The snow here is drier than in the Atlanta area. The snow reminds me of the snow we used to get in Germany. It is hard to make a snowman but I am sure if we had hills it would be great for sledding. There are no hills here where we can grab a trashcan lid, plastic bag, or a piece of corrugated and have some downhill fun. However, the beauty is remarkable. Now that I have seen our home in 3 distinct seasons and have taken pictures...I just have Spring to go and I will have a photo for each season. I am over the snow. I want school back in session and mostly...I seek SPRING and the warmth that I know will follow soon. I am not much of a "cold" type person. I enjoy the warmth of the sun and bright days. It simply makes me happier.

We do not have lots of pine trees to hear the crackle of Jack Frost. The silence is deafening at times. It is as though the world stops when it snows. People tucked into their homes within the warmth and we all just open up our blinds to let the winter white light shine in. We actually found it funny to see people later in the day shoveling their driveways and sidewalks to their doors. The children do not play in the snow here. I am thinking the parents do not want their sod destroyed. At least that is my theory. Growing up, we used to stay out in the snow until we were drenched with wetness and then we would come in and fill our bellies with a warm soup and hot chocolate to only change our clothes and go out again. I simply find it strange with all of the children in our neighborhood...they are not out in the sugar to have some fun.

Standing in the middle of our street...I simply realized that maybe just maybe...everyone is popping corn, making soups and stews, and putting on a good movie.
What do you think?


Tina said...

I think we sent some of our winter down to bowling green! :)

Shannon Wyman said...

I am like you Kimberly in that it does not take long for me to be 'over' the whole snow/cold thing. I need the sunshine.

It's funny how in different locals people cope with weather in different ways. I thought kids wanting to play in the snow was a universal thing though!

vtpuggirl said...

Hey Kimberly! We've got some of that white stuff too! Hehe, enjoy!