Sunday, August 29, 2010

Give a Girl a CAMERA!

Looking back through our summer photos I simply  smile when I look at all of the pictures my daughter took on her first Girl Scout Summer Camp experience.  It was the first time going away where she did not know anyone.  It was the first time I let her take a little camera with her to just take photos of her experience.  They are not in focus, they are not of great quality, but through her eyes I was able to relive the week with her and she simply glowed as we looked at each one in detail and she recounted the moment with excitement and most of all, she had an experience that allowed her to make wonderful friends.  I thought I would share a few.  AHHH, youth and summer.  Life is so wonderful.

Photos by MY GIRL!

She was telling me that the counselors went by names like, Lunchbox, Cookie, Nugget, Kiwi, and Pickle.
Many of her counselors were from "across the pond."  Girl Scouts exchange American Counselors with other Girl Scout Leaders from all over the world.  It broadens their own experience and they can share their cultures with girls from all over the world.  Brianna was telling me the flags in their dining hall represent where Camp Pennyroyal had representation from all over the world throughout the years.
Bri said they made SMORE'S in a can.  Layers of the SMORE goodies in a 3 pound can and they were, "YUMMY!"  Of course it is not camp without nightly campfires.  I think she had about 50 of these shots!
I do love that she had a terrific time and most of all, she wants to go back.

Hard to believe...the cooler air is nipping in the morning and summer will soon be no more.


S.Wyman said...

Looks like you have a little photographer on your hands there Kimberly! I think she did a great job with her photo taking, and it looks like she had a good time too!

JoanneK said...

Those photos are wonderful! It's a great feeling knowing she had a good time! She's a cutie...and she takes pretty good photos!!!

Danny said...

Good pictures she has captured during the summer vacation holidays time.She has done good job.
I appreciate her for having good inclination of photography.