Saturday, August 21, 2010

WOW, time is flying by so quickly!

Catching up on my blog reading this morning.  I am still getting used to our schedule change around home with work and school.  Carving out time for just myself is still one of the priorities.  However, it doesn't leave much time for blogging.  For kicks and grins, here are some scrappy pages I have created recently.
It looks like rain today.  A perfect day for playing in my Art Studio.


Kimberly said...

GORGEOUS creations...LOVE them all! It always feels good to carve a little time out for ourselves doesn't it? Good balance!

S.Wyman said...

You'll fall into a routine that fits perfectly soon my friend! Have faith! Love your layouts btw;)

Michele H. said...

Beautiful Kimberly. I love the border of stickers on the 1st page. Simply gorgeous:)