Thursday, July 28, 2011

In A Nutshell...

I have been extremely busy lately.  But I will post a few highlights!
I am almost sure this is alright as some may get bored with my random thoughts.  But have no fear for those who enjoy a read, I will be back.

These are my two boxes from Studio Calico.  They contained lots of goodies and my May and June Kits.  I am terrible about going out to the farm these days.  I am so busy that I just pop in when I can and to get my kits.  I always enjoy the country drive for sure.  April and Greg live about 11 miles from me and I it is that time of year when I need to supply the both of them with my homemade salsa.  They love it.

So far, these are the only layouts I have created recently.  I plan on getting my craft/art room back in shape.  I am reorganizing.  I have purged some things and I hope to be back creating in my room this weekend.  I better not make any promises though...something always comes up.

Well, I guess this is it for right now. 
I have more photos and I hope to post regularly. (see above paragraph)

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