Monday, June 11, 2012

Instagram fun, Macbeth, and NEW NUMBER!

I know you are thinking, "Macbeth and Instagram?" 
Well, I seriously needed a title and these are two things that are currently happening.
I am also involved in an online painting intuitively class as well.  
I am simply learning to, BLOOM!

Brianna is in her first, "real" actors workshop.  As I dropped her off today...
I found myself reliving the feelings of the "Theatre" from my younger years.
I loved every bit of the process. Whether I was a supporting actor, set director, costume maker, make-up artist, or the leading role.  I felt the urge and the calling of what once made me very happy, the stage.

Funny, how life can flash before ones eyes.

These young Thespians will be putting on Macbeth:  A Kid's Cautionary Tale.
I cannot wait to see the performance.

As for Instagram...gosh I simply love it!  Here are some of my recent favorites.

After a day at the pool

Me, H20 and He, Home brew

My favorite "GO TO" snack- all fresh from the Farmer's Market- Kentucky Grown

Sunny Day-after an afternoon at the water park

Margarita yumminess...after 3 sips-I a done for!

I simply love the sun on their faces.  Love.

My silly girl and her bike

It's blurry...but I love it.  Zachary and I.

My favorite water shoes.  Another blurry shot...oh, well.  It is with an iPhone.

Chynna- my constant companion throughout the day


Amy Coose said...

Love your pics, and congrats on the new number. That margarita looks sooooo good. Can't wait unit l can enjoy one of those again.

ClaireTet said...

Love your instagrams! Your daughter will have a busy summer but it sounds like a very fun way to spend it!

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